The Best of TGS

1up.com editors pick the hottest games at this year's Tokyo Game Show.

Captain Tuttle6364d ago

Is like the Fox News of the video game world. Spin, spin, spin.

FamoAmo6364d ago

lol... Where are the 360 games? This is hardly any news to take serious. This guy is on Sony's nuts like no other!!

Ravenator5296364d ago (Edited 6364d ago )

1up is up Sony's ass.

IGN is up Sony's ass.

Gamepro is a bunch of Sony fanboys.

I am just getting to the point where I just don't care anymore.

Do I agree with all of the editors? No, but they do have "some" and I put empahsis on the word "some", experience with the PS3.

There isn't one person who posts here that can say that. ("Maybe")

Do I think that the gaming community has influenced some of these editors to go out of their way to support one console over the other? Yes, I do. If you received hatemail and threats about some article you wrote from a certain (gaming) community, I just don't see how that could not influence you to some extent.

And yes, there are fanboys that work at these places. There are probably some that post right here or other boards with us and we don't even know it.

Its the only reason why there are different opinions spread among this report. Some say the PS3 killed and some say that they bombed.

Who is right?

Who is wrong?

Who is influenced by the gaming community?

Who has their own unbiased opinion?

We just don't know! And guess what, we will never know!

We are just supposed to believe that these reports and opinions are fair and unbiased.

They may be "professionals", but they are still people and they still have emotions. And emotions can affect the way you view something or how you express your opinions.

Would I want their jobs right now? No F'n Way! It must be like walking on glass.

I have my own views of why I went with one console over another. I won't get into that now though. But why couldn't one of these editors feel the same way that I or someone else does?

Journalism is dirty work! And no matter how many times you express your opinion, there will always be someone there to tell you:

"No, You're Wrong"

Dusk6364d ago

sites like 1up and mags like EGM that are notoriously pro Sony all you want. The fact remains, however, that no matter what system you prefer, there are obviously quality games on ALL systems. Since Nintendo wasn't at TGS, I'll leave them out for now. To completely leave out 360 games is obviously fanboish and shows the immature nature of a site like 1up.

There are three 360 games from TGS that should be on everyone's list, Lost Planet, Lost Odyssey, and Blue Dragon. The lines at TGS and accolades from true gamers and non-biased press back this up. Yes, there are also some quality looking PS3 games that should be on people's lists, like White Knight, Motorstorm, Lair, etc. If someone only listed 360 games, Sony supporters would be screaming like hyenas. Both systems have great offerings and games from both systems should be on a 'best of' list. To completely leave one system off the list is extremely pathetic and shows a complete lack of journalistic integrity. No one but fanboys believes this crap.

If people can't except that good games can be on any system, then they've got some serious growing up to do. I expect this out of 13 year old fanboys, but not people that run a 'supposed' video game site that 'covers' all systems. 1up/EGM are trash.

Bishop6364d ago

All you have to do is take a look at what Sony provided at TGS06 and you could easily see why they deserved to come out on top at tgs. The had playable demos that where beautiful "and yes better looking then the 360's games" and fun to play.

You fanboys seem to have your consoles shoved far down your throats if you truly belive that the PS3 didn't have visually stunning games. Now everyone deserves to have their own opnions but the only reason all of you are still hating on Sony is because they actually delivered some better games then what we have come to expect up to this point on the 360.

Saying these journalists are biased is just plain idiotic when all of these same magazines came down hard on Sony after E3 "rightfully so" but when they have seen that the PS3 actual has potenital that are at least open minded enought to see what the PS3 has to offer to us as gamers.

I will buy a PS3 and a Wii to go along with my 360 and will support all of these consoles and what they have to offer but people who make comments negative about the same old stuff even after Sony has proven that the PS3 is indeed worth $600 because of its capabilities.

Gears of War and Halo 3 will be great games I am sure but all you fan boys have been singing their praises since the 360 released "wait till GOW and Halo 3 you will see which console is better" same old same old. Blur Dragon and Lost Odessey also look good but compared to the FF series or White Knight they are virtually nothing that Asian gamers will get all excited about.

1080P sure noone really has the tv's right now capable of displaying a 1080P signal but it doesn't matter the games will still be more impressive on a standard set then 360 games are.

This is a similar excuse that 360 fans use "the games don't look that much better then the orginal Xbox because you don't have an HDTV" things like this work both ways.

In the end you pay more for the PS3 and you miss Halo 3 and Gears of War but Sony fans will get all of thoose games that turned then into Sony fans in the first place.

Anytime people don't say what you want them to many of you yell biased. If MS or an affilate talks about Sony they are biased and the same things goes for Sony and their affilates who talk about the 360's.

So just sit back relax and realize that just because they don't agree with you that does not mean they are biased.

Grown Folks Talk6364d ago

that looks at the fact that the leap from xbox to 360 won't be as big as ps2 to ps3 because the xbox already was graphically superior to the ps2? both companies have about a equal height which they can attain graphically based on available technology. if a bar is set at 10' and one company has a 7' pole and the other has a 4' pole, the distance added to reach 10' is more noticable on the 4' pole. it stands out more, and is more distinguishable because it took more to get to the same level. as far as your other points Bishop, people always take what they want out of everything. they hear and see what they want to. they'll take the 2% of an article that justifies their position, while ignoring the 98% that doesn't. all everything boils down to is personal opinion. unfortunately a lot of people here take personal opinion too personally.

wakkiwakko6364d ago

Reason why PS3 was the highlight of TGS was because it's the first time anyone got their hands it. People were excited. Even if the game was rubbish they got to play it. For the first time. They were thrilled. That is all. If PS3 was played at e306 and at Leip and wii hasn't, wii would've been the highlight of the TGS.

Simple as that. Sony did a good job. I'm not impressed with what I've seen, but they did a great job at this years TGS. :D

Karibu6364d ago

they played PS3 games at E3 2006 and at Leipzig...
your point has no value. Maybe PS3 just had awesome games more than any other console?

zypher6364d ago (Edited 6364d ago )

agreed Karibu. Sony makes a few missteps, now everyone wants to make up an excuse when they actually do something RIGHT.

wakkiwakko6364d ago

Videos and Ports do not count. :)

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