Halo 4 terminals will ‘blow your mind’ – 343

VG247 writes: Frank O’Connor has teased Halo 4′s plot and backstory details.

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IronFistChinMi3653d ago

Loved the info the terminals in previous games revealed, so I'm glad they're back in Halo 4. Cannot wait!

Psychonaughty3653d ago

Yeah especially the HaloCE remakes terminals, they were excellent.

ChunkyLover533653d ago

The ones in Halo CEA were pretty damn cool as well, cannot wait for this!

wwm0nkey3653d ago

Campaign, Terminals and Spartan Ops....all dat fiction!

Seriously though love how 343 are bringing in the extended fiction in the the Halo universe finally, something that for some reason Bungie seemed very reluctant to do.

Psychonaughty3653d ago

As much as I respect Bungie for creating the Halo universe in the first place I'm glad they've moved on, as they made many questionable decisions with the Halo sequels and never equaled the brilliance of their first attempt.

Hufandpuf3653d ago

I don't think i've ever found a single terminal in any Halo game I've played (I didn't even know they existed)

wwm0nkey3653d ago

There were text terminals in Halo 3 about the Didact and Librarian. Then there were animated terminals introduced with Halo CEA which you can watch all of them here.

aviator1893653d ago

Not even the ones in Halo 3?? Some of them were pretty well placed so you could easily find them.

Hufandpuf3653d ago

I just never noticed them lol, from Halo CE to Halo Reach I never looked at walkthroughs or guides or anything suggesting that there were terminals in throughout the campaign.

If terminals began in Halo 3, I can see how I missed them. In the previous games, I wasn't looking for terminals so I just didn't expect them.

wastedcells3653d ago

I'm tired of halo, haven't had fun playing halo since halo one. Hope this game feels fresh and new.

Drumsmasher3653d ago