Watch the entire Microsoft X06 Press Conference

TeamXbox has posted the entire X06 press event in streaming and a downloadable format for you to enjoy.

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M3RCUTIO5905d ago

I'm a big fan of MS's Xbox Live campaign. I think they're really delivering their promises directly to the gamers and taking accountability for those promises. So far they haven't let me down once.

Daewoodrow5905d ago

bah! Damn xbox 360! Looking all good, making people look away from my beloved PS3. What will I do if noone likes the PS3? I'll show them! I'll get that 360 real good... I'll... I'll... vote lame on a 360 article! hah! That will show them! Ken Kuturagi will love me now!

zonetrooper55903d ago

I have watched it all and it was amazing.