Just Dance 5 confirmed in development - thanks to leaked casting call

While anticipation for Just Dance 4 reaches fever pitch ahead of its launch in just under a week's time, it seems publisher Ubisoft may already looking to the future, as a casting advert reveals news of a sequel at Everybody Plays.

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Commanderq2238d ago

Awesome news, my children and I love Just Dance games, happy to see they're are making more. Nice catch.

iamnsuperman2238d ago

I love them too. I played Singstar Dance with my house mates during pre drinks.

kingspoonian2238d ago

They want dancers - I think I may apply ; )

Chris19422238d ago

Hey, Ubisoft, stick this in there and I'll buy it day one:

kingspoonian2238d ago (Edited 2238d ago )

Are you sure you wouldn't prefer this?

The ten hour version would be good. ; )

fourtwenty20092238d ago (Edited 2238d ago )

No Gangam Style? No buy!! ;)

iamnsuperman2238d ago

I would be really surprised if it isn't

DivineAssault 2238d ago

Seems like nintendo has no problem acquiring multiplat games like this... These get confirmations but other games dont? Same thing as the wii seems to be happening all over again

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