Flashing the Cash - Should Microsoft's billions be buying Sony, not Yahoo

Rob Fahey of writes: A fair bit of attention has been focused, in the last day or two, on an article which appears in this month's Esquire magazine. Penned by one Scott Stein, it suggests that the billions of dollars which Microsoft is proposing to spend on Yahoo! would be better spent on a tactical acquisition of Sony - which he views as the best way for the two companies to step up to the challenge presented by Nintendo's Wii.

Let's dismiss the possibility from the outset. It's a ludicrous concept, one which totally ignores the fact that Microsoft's entire business is threatened by the rise of Google and other similar Internet firms. It's not that the Xbox isn't important to Microsoft, but right now, its battles with Sony and Apple over home media pale in comparison to the fight with Google over the future of computing - a future which threatens to be independent of operating systems and software platforms, the markets which are the basis for Microsoft's success.

Moreover, it ignores the fact that Sony is, of course, a lot bigger than Sony Computer Entertainment. It incorporates the world's largest movie business, one of the world's largest music businesses, and a vast consumer electronics business - not to mention the countless closely associated subsidiaries and partner companies which make up the ecosystem that surrounds any large Japanese corporation.

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Le-mo5002d ago

Lame. It's never going to happen. And something like this has been posted before.

Cyrus3655002d ago

That article was in Esquire magazine by a writer suggesting to MSoft to Buy Sony, this article mainly refutes that notion, as not being pratical, or possible.

meepmoopmeep5001d ago (Edited 5001d ago )

i haven't been a MS supporter for 10 years.


Cupid_Viper_35002d ago

i've just found out that i can't comment on the gamer zone for some reason, beats me.

just want to point out some very important things that the article didn't stress.

first off, Sony owns the Previous gen, so technically, their footprint on the gaming industry is second to none. BENEFITS?
1. I believe the wii sold mostly to hardcore nitendo fans and casual gamers. so let's assume that its a 50/50 split. so 20 at 20 million, that put us at 10 million casual gamers.
a) that most likely affects the 360, why? because of two factors, the ps2 is one of the hottest selling systems still, and secondly, the 360, even after a year alone as a " next-gen console" on the market,and its biggest games, fail to regain its previous user base.

2.the ps3 outsold the xbox 360 after on its first year, despite the 360's best software line up. EVEN MORE ALARMING
a) the ps3 had zero proven franchise games out for the entire year
b) the xbox 360 sold close to 3 million less consoles its second year then it did on its first year.
c) hardware problems, out of the 17 million 360s sold, at least 5 million of them were defective, and that trend will only continue as time goes by.

Therefore, the article is a careless in putting SONY in the same boat as Mirosoft.

and to finish this of.... the article states that : "For instance, the PS3 is seen as sporting an abundance of features players don't need - although equally, I've recently seen indications that consumers are starting to rail against Microsoft's hidden costs, which it dresses up as "choice" by offering overpriced peripherals for Wi-Fi or for recharging controllers while you play."

Huhhhh.......?!?!?!? i've never seen a more self-destructing paragraph of this calibur. If you add the first sentence to the second one, you end up with, just amazing. So let me explain what he's saying, SONY gives you for free What microsoft is making you pay for, and you happilly buy, but somehow you dismiss it as un-necessary? ok...kewl.....

i guess the point i'm trying to make is that, the media still can't really admit that they've actually fell in love with Hating on Sony. DO Sony deserve it? i'm sure they do, but to ignore facts such as a 30% failure rate from microsoft and say that remote play on and wifi on a ps3 is not really needed, clearly shows your true colors, and clearly you're GREEN all over, and that little stinch of sony you've tried to show, dont worry, its just BLUE balls, it'll go away.

ravinash5002d ago (Edited 5002d ago )

Firstly Since when was Sony up for sale???
Last I heard, business was looking very good for them....its seems some reporters forget there is more to Sony that consoles...and even electronics for that matter. sony own one of the major Hollywood studios don't forget.
I think it would cost a lot more than a search engine thats on a downward spiral.

Tempist5001d ago

This is more of a correction article of one the day before.

It's actually well written and more in-depth than the one from yesterday which could be said to be somewhat appalling if you have been a long time gamer and watcher of these things.

Glad someone has the courtesy to set records proper and straight.

CaliGamer5002d ago

When Sony is once again poised to trounce the XBOX brand with the PlayStation. Not to mention they would inherit MS's reputation for inferior hardware. I don't think this would happen, Sony would have too much to lose with MS's dead weight.
Now Sony buying Nintendo would be a match made in gaming heaven.

blacsheep5001d ago

at last some sense bubbles up cali

fresco5001d ago

but Nintendo's bigger than Sony at the moment (Market Cap)

DethWish5002d ago (Edited 5002d ago )

It'd be really nice..
For comments 2 and 3: Last I checked Sony was a stock company.. just buy 51% of the stocks and you basicly control it.

kurochi5002d ago

yeah.... I'd like to see some company buy 51% of Sony.... MS knows nothing about quality control when it comes to hardware, they're good at software development (feel free to argue that one).
Hypothetically speaking, if MS do somehow "buy" Sony, they'd be stepping into something they have no idea of running and end up ruining itself because of the massive amt. of money that they spend to buy Sony when it's stocks slide.

ravinash5001d ago

Yes, but in order to buy the stocks you need to find the people who have stocks and are willing to sell it....51% of the people who own stocks.
Its a lot of work, and as soon as you start looking,word is going to get out. So Sony would see it coming.

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