Sony and Gaikai Will Stomp All Over AT&T's Video Game Service

Equities: AT&T (NYSE: T), Verizon (NYSE: VZ), and Time Warner Cable (NYSE: TWC) are exploring the possibility of delivering high-end video games to their subscribers.

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GribbleGrunger4220d ago (Edited 4220d ago )

Well that's a little to early to call. I'd say it's going to be successful, but how successful... who knows? We don't even know what Sony are going to offer with it. Darn it! A positive article and I can't agree with it.

gaffyh4219d ago

Sony has experience in the gaming arena, whereas these cable companies don't, so I can see why the article is saying this. The main thing that any sort of games service or console needs is support from developers, and Sony has amazing first party, and good third party support, so whatever they launch would have a step up on the competition. I would also say the same about MS, but their first party is not so good right now.

Neko_Mega4219d ago

That an isn't AT&T on that list of worst company s to?

AT&T has been full of themselves, Sony knows what they are doing and will have no problem being AT&T.

sikbeta4219d ago

Sony has experience in gaming, but not so much in the digital space, they bought Gaikai and lets see the results first before claiming a winner.

longcat4219d ago

Dont you try to confuse me with your logic and common sense.

Let another pointless online war begin!!!!

morganfell4219d ago

Sony is off to a decent start. They have Gaikai, they are doing a better job than the other console manufacturers of pushing digital content to buyers as well as freebies. And PlayStation gamers buy more digital content as well. Sony is doing more for cross platform play than the other two hardware companies and unlike AT&T they have dedicated gaming devices. As has been known Sony is also developing PlayStation Certification for tablets and laptops to which they just added Sharp, HTC, and Fujitsu.

TheDivine4219d ago

True but cable compnies have a much bigger base. Virtually everyone has cable and imagine how many will decide to grab a game on demand here and there (non gamers). Now imagine being able to buy 720/ps4 launch games right off your cable box instead of paying 400 for the console. Thats the big thing there. They dont need to be gaming companies, they are multimedia and you can get tv/web/games all in one place with no expensive hardware. Imagine Charted paying for exclusive COD map packs and dlc a month early. They could do that instead of exclusives and own the market minus us core gamers who buy every console for one or two good exclusives. The market is going to experience a monumental shift in the way games are sold, played, and delivered. Im excited to see what happens to be honest. It may wind up as a glorified rental service which is fine by me. Only time will tell.

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greenpowerz4219d ago (Edited 4219d ago )

The story description is the rebuttal to the story title.

The description makes a strong case against the claim in the title.

You don't need to read the article the description and title nullified the actual article.

These companies already have substantial infrastructure and immense market penetration.

zeal0us4220d ago

ATT should just stick to phone/internet service.

RivetCityGhoul4220d ago

they can't even do that right, thats why verizon stomps them all the time

Blankman854220d ago

Meh. That's my reaction to cable companies doing gaming. Immo stick with my 360 and PS3 for my gaming needs.

ziggurcat4219d ago

uh oh, a sony success article... cue the dozens of sony doom articles in 3.... 2.... 1....

jujubee884219d ago

There was already one a long the lines of that when I submitted this. lol

telekineticmantis4219d ago

Sony hasn't even brought GaiKai to the Vita, and console that could use the service. PC games on your vita is very tempting for a hardcore crowd.

telekineticmantis4219d ago

for PC and they use Remote play to get it on the VITA? That's pretty close to what I'm hoping for.

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Sony Taps Bungie's Head of Revenue to Lead Live-Service Games

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ChasterMies11d ago

Please do not put Destiny’s monetization into Sony’s first party games. The monetization is what’s driving players away from Destiny.

just_looken11d ago

The new temp boss is the sony cfo bean counter so i can see this being a thing get every penny.

Cacabunga11d ago

PlayStation officially losing it.. fans will never support gaas games

just_looken11d ago


The new boss did a interview in japan he wants to tap into the mobile market like nintendio so he give 0 fucks about gamers/fans