Five Signs That Sony is In Trouble This Holiday Season

From the PlanetPlaystation.com editorial:

"At first glance, it would almost seem like Sony’s on a roll. They announced a new super-slim model of their PlayStation 3 system for the holiday season, along with exclusive content for Assassin’s Creed III and some new projects for the PlayStation Vita. But that said, you still can’t help but notice little cracks that indicate something is wrong beneath the surface. As much as we like Sony and the stuff that they’re working on for 2012 and 2013, we can’t help but think they’ve made a few mistakes, and this holiday season, those mistakes are more than likely to show, whether it’s the lack of marketing or a decision revolving around hardware. Sorry, Sony, but here are five indications that you might have a problem come Christmas time…"

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4315d ago Replies(2)
4315d ago Replies(2)
brettyd4315d ago (Edited 4315d ago )

Of course their in trouble, they spend like drunken sailors. They need to release less and market more.

Catoplepas4315d ago

Yeah, that's what gamers need.

Less games, more marketing.

MostJadedGamer4315d ago

I am glad Sony significantly cut there bloated marketing budget. Its just a drain on the bottom line.

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Army_of_Darkness4315d ago

Probably wouldn't care much about gaming all together anymore to be honest.
Nintendo is for Kids and I have no interest in anything Mario. microsoft charges for anything online and is mainly focused on Kinect crap now... So yeah, it would be a lost for me and the gaming community.

TenkoTAiLS4315d ago

I trust then that you are not a real "hardcore" gamer? Losing interest in gaming just because a company leaves the market is a sad reason to quit one of your hobbies or passions, there have been a few that have come and gone and eventually what we currently have will too. I used to be an avid Sega fanatic, but I had to learn to embrace the others and get over my fan type nature.

Each console and company offers a unique take on gaming and most games are multiplatform now days anyway. Sony does have some nice exclusives but nothing worth quitting being a gamer if they dissapeared. The studios would move on, the ones run by Sony would move elsewhere and the 2nd parties would join other camps, just like what happened with Sega and Atari etc.

Sony may not go third party since they have other divisions they would go back to, but their former studios would. So you wouldn't lose the games, just a brand name. Silly thing to quit gaming over.

AsimLeonheart4315d ago

Another day and another "Sony is DOOMED!!!" article. We just had two articles where one laid off employee was bad-mouthing Sony and another where it was claimed Sony was in more trouble than it seems. It is the easy way and sure-fire way to get hits for your website.I clicked on the link just to see what "cracks" Sony had and none of the reasons were big or significant. Just trying to get hits and I regret giving them one.

wishingW3L4315d ago

their marketing is crap anyway.

UnwanteDreamz4315d ago

This "Sony is in Trouble" BS is getting old. It was old in 2007. Haters and their predictions were proved wrong the last 4 or 5 years. It has been just long enough for them to forget how wrong they were.

Sony isn't the same leader they once were but dont count them out. I remember when Apple almost died. Look where they are now. Sony isnt as bad off as armchair analysts would have you think.

Just my opinion anyway.

Tetsujin4315d ago


I'm in the same boat with Army of Darkness but for different reasons; biggest is PlayStation is what convinced me Nintendo had to step their game up back in the N64 days - Yes I was a big Goldeneye/Mario Kart 64 junkie however over time I saw certain games PS was releasing that made me think twice about the N64 for the long haul. I also overlooked Sega Saturn only because at the time Dreamcast was announced; and I did give the original Xbox a fair chance however the choice of "my" gaming preference was still on the PlayStation brand.

I'm more of a "retro gamer" since I prefer the older games and systems - before online, DLC, trophies/achievements, and internet persuasion; if Sony was to drop the PS brand yes I would give up gaming for the "future" but I would still keep all the classics as a way to remind myself what gaming was like back during the golden era.

I do have high hopes something can be done to secure the future of PlayStation at least.

neogeo4315d ago

yep I would be willing to give up gaming for some great marketing. lol

Jazz41084315d ago (Edited 4315d ago )

This is coming from a playstation fan site. This holds a little more water but its no secret sony is in alot of trouble. For the people mentioning Apples trouble are forgetting to mention that it was microsoft who bailed apple out.

Danny Dan4315d ago

Wait... everyone complains about Sony's marketing but bitches about their decision to fire a lot of the PR team?? smh...

Tito084315d ago (Edited 4315d ago )

@ Jazz4108- If you look carefully around the site, & look at the author's info, this is clearly someone from PlanetXbox360, just happens they made a new PS only site, & very obvious what they are by posting a 360 controller.. Not surprised by that since that site being posting PS news & articles on their own Xbox site.

Not surprised they would come with an article like that, & they always point fingers at everything Sony does, so basically, it's for the most part a 360 fan site undercover.

MysticStrummer4314d ago (Edited 4314d ago )

@Tenko - It's not a silly reason to quit gaming if the other alternatives offer you nothing you're interested in. Sure, Sony's studios will move elsewhere and make more games, but I won't buy a console hoping that the games I want to play will be on it eventually. MS and Nintendo show me no sign that we are on the same gaming wavelength. Until they do, Sony is the only game in town for me.

miyamoto4314d ago (Edited 4314d ago )

Sometimes gamers hate Sony for not splurging cash on ads like M$ & Nintendo does but IMHO Sony knows core gamers know much better than flashy ads on Tv. Real gamers research and look for games they want and are opinionated unlike casuals and soccer moms.

Sony can survive even if its the gaming division alone.

ConstipatedGorilla4314d ago

He's not talking about what gamers need. He's talking about what Sony needs.

jadenkorri4314d ago

yes another sony is doomed or do this to save your company sony.

PS3Freak4314d ago (Edited 4314d ago )

A lot of people on N4G don't seem to understand how a business works.

Not surprised.

Dee_914314d ago

I agree with 1 and 4.
I think the vita gets alot of marketing.Not really alot of commercial time.But I see Vita ads in alot of sporting events.They could do more for it.And I was just sure there would be a price drop on the ps3.

jamesensor4314d ago

Lol good sarcasm. Very precise. We need more EAs, lots of them.

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Kingnichendrix4315d ago

Their called investments, like gakai, that was a smart move on their part and one thing for sure sony isn't low on cash. But they do have to market more that is for sure.

jadenkorri4314d ago

You don't need to advertise a game as much anymore. When I want to catch a trailer for a movie or game, I go to YouTube, as most people do now anyways.

Kaneda4314d ago

@jadekorri.. Most people watch cat video on youtube, they don't watch trailer.

But I think Sony needs to spend money on marketing still. It is a step before people go to youtube to watch the trailer. M$ and Apple are doing an excellent job in marketing. Sony has been lacking this generation...

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BlackTar1874315d ago

Wow how fricken sad that someone on n4g.com says this.

Such a sad GEN this is

MostJadedGamer4315d ago

Your mean they need to release more, and market less. There is no bigger waste of money in videogames then marketing.

Most companies spend way too much on marketing. Marketing is extremely overrated when it comes to selling games.

zebramocha4315d ago

I agree with you but it's not bad if the product in question seems cool but there is not alot of talk about it.

Campy da Camper4315d ago (Edited 4315d ago )

Strongly agree. Take Demons Souls; not one commercial but it was so good word of mouth spread and Dark Souls did really well. These are the games I enjoying plopping down 60 bucks for.

Tetsujin4315d ago

Word of mouth is still a form of advertising; so in a sense its free advertising for Sony.

I'm glad they never had to go the route of Mountain Dew cans, or "Doritos" or even cereal (Nintendo Cereal was good though back in the day with Mario and Zelda marshmallows).