Sweden Goes Blu-ray

Two of the largest film companies in Sweden have announced their intentions to support Blu-ray exclusively. Following the Warner Brother's announcement, Swedish film companies SF and Scanbox have announced that they are scrapping all plans to release films on HD DVD, and will release exclusively on the Blu-ray format. Scanbox is expected to release their first HD titles in April.

One of the first high definition titles from SF may be 'Arn: The Temple Knight', which is the most expensive film ever produced in Scandinavia. No word on which titles Scanbox have chosen to be their first HD releases.

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sonarus5093d ago

its going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better. the only way to make it better is to cut losses and move on

zambrota5093d ago

i dont understand what is Toshiba doing?

why would they keep losing money on this?

cmrbe5093d ago

is hoping that the majority of the DVD fanbase that haven't migrated will somehow pick HD-DVD over blu because its cheaper. Their plans however are falling apart daily. When people migrate there might not be any more vendors selling HD-DVD. Content in the end is key. Whats the point of buying a HD-DVD player when you cannot watch 70% of avliable movies

zambrota5093d ago

People always go for something which is more attractive/better

Had Betamax allowed Porn on it then it would have easily won the war then.

Blu Ray already took 20% of DVD sales in Japan last year

Toshiba is trying to delay the verdict i believe but losing brand repuation in the process

The war is over and there is no other way round. People are more cautious and on very rare occasions would purchase an HD DVD drive

cmrbe5093d ago

Possible that they might be trying to sell all their inventory. The HD-DVD group are hoping for a miricle which is not coming. Content providers are seeing the effects of the PS3 on install base as well as on content sold which is all they care about. Agree that they are loosing their reputation with this. They should have bowed out now while they still can with dignity.

zambrota5093d ago

HD DVD players work as good DVD upscalers so yes some people might consider purchasing them for upscaling DVD movies

pwnsause5093d ago

zambrota, wasnt the reason why porn went to VHS because of more space than betamax?

coolfool5093d ago (Edited 5093d ago )

Is there some sort of bug in the site?

Why does zambrota have three bubbles, then 4 and then 5 below?? Is it a bubble count problem or is it jsut displaying the amount of bubbles incorrectly?

According to his account profile he only has two bubbles? Is that the right amount or is something wrong there as well?

I could test this by keep posting, will the site stop me posting when i get to my 7?

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xplosneer5093d ago

The Matrix Trilogy
V for Vendetta

Especially those ^^
V for Vandetta is unexplainably awesome.

mullet5093d ago (Edited 5093d ago )

Batman Begins, V for Vendetta and The Matrix Trilogy YESSSS!
Now all I NEED is for 20th Century Fox to release X1 and X2 on Blu-ray. X3 was okay. I mean the picture and sound quality was amazing but the movie itself was nothing compared to the first two.

xplosneer5093d ago

Japan and most of Europe are all no contest for Blu Ray. Asia has it's own disc. HDDVD's only slight market is US. There isn't any chance.

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The story is too old to be commented.