Media Create Japanese Hardware sales for the week ending 3rd February,2008

SSMB and DMC4 both despite selling well have failed to boost hardware sales of their host platforms significantly. PSP for the first time in 2008 has managed to beat DS in terms of weekly sales.

Hardware - This Week | Last Week
1. WII - 94,473 | 74,544
2. PSP - 72,528 | 77,933
3. NDS - 67,472 | 79,370
4. PS3 - 41,796 | 34,363
5. PS2 - 12,115 | 11,364
6. 360 - 6,060 | 4,296

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Brian52475093d ago

PSP outsells DS? Guffaw.

zambrota5093d ago

Since ps3 will be beating x360 by atleast 45k/46k this week

expect some serious FLAME tomorrow when WW numbers are released by Vgcahrtz

pwnsause5093d ago

what a great way to silence the PSP doubters. To see that the hardware sold without big games released this week.

sonarus5093d ago

f 360 and ps3 psp jst oustold ds. How the F did dat happen. Psp is a great system ds is way more casual i have been thinking of getting one for my mom she isnt a gamer but she got addicted to tetris on game boy she got over that and now all she plays is sudoku. Am sure i can find something else to get her addicted too. PSP is by far the more capable system but ds has way 2 many casual games so it appeals to everyone. But looks like slowly sony is coming back

Mario185093d ago

I would think Devil May Cry would have a bigger impact.

Rikitatsu5093d ago

DMC4 and SSBB have no affect on hardware sales ?!! this is madness

zambrota5093d ago

DMC3 sold just 400k in JAPAN last gen

SSMB couldnt even reach a million last gen

Games which sell atleast 1.5million on launch day in JAPAN are FF13 and DQ.
Both move millions in HW

MGS is huge in JAPAN too. It sells well and moves HW too

Marceles5093d ago

DMC i can understand since it's multiplat...but Smash Bros Melee is the best selling Gamecube game, I could see Brawl being a Wii seller...but DMC has been a good series, I just wouldn't put it in the system seller status

sonarus5093d ago

the most likely ppl to buy a wii are casual gamers who tried ds's and liked it so are looking to try out wii's they have no intrest in smash bros. Give them wii fit and they will sell you hardware like no tomorrow

avacadosnorkel5093d ago

guess it was good that Sony didn't shell out tons of cash for the exclusive rights for DMC4

zambrota5093d ago

when DMC3 was launched ps2 had a userbase of 20million

DMC3 sold 180k on its launch week

DMC4 did much better than we anticipated.

It moved 8k extra ps3s which isnt bad but not phenomenal

SSMB moved just 20k extra HW too

However FF13,MGS4,WKS would move a lot of consoles in JAPAN . Those are games/genre that the Japanese like very much

wiizy5093d ago

wii on top where it belongs... oh oh psp sold more then ds... i wouldnt be suprise if some sony fanboy claim that psp is winning the handheld war even though its down by 35 million.

zambrota5093d ago

so DS owners might prefer to buy PSP as well.

PSP sold quite well for 28/30m units in 2 years.

expect PSP sales surge this year

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The story is too old to be commented.