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Irishguy952956d ago

Thank you for the spoilers/ Fu**ing capcom.

DON'T Watch the trailers if you already plan on renting it/

Carl_Shocker2956d ago

Love the way at the start they try and make it seem creepy and horror filled with the use of editing, music and mostly using Leon cutscenes yet as soon as the gameplay starts...BOOM lots and lots of action nd generic gameplay which looks nothing like RE. Nice try Capcom....

Tell you what I did learn from this crap Piers seems to be.

Chris shouldnt be getting told off by him, he should be getting a wake up call from Jill or Barry. Someone whos been through the same things as him.


Did I just see a dead, bloody Sherry lying on the ground.....why spoil it for the people who are getting it.

Silver_Edge2956d ago

"Did I just see a dead, bloody Sherry lying on the ground.....why spoil it for the people who are getting it."

To be fair they already mentioned she has "regenerative abilities" in the demo, most likely to her having the G-Virus. I think what was shown in the trailer was to shock people into thinking she would die, but then you realize, "Oh wait, she can regenerate and heal herself, dang the trailer pulled a fast one on me."

I do agree that Piers is not a character I particularly like, but maybe he'll change in the final game.

Besides there's so much more to the story that I'm wondering about like Carla, more of Jake's revelations, the resolution between Chris and Leon...this minor spoiler was nothing really revealing to me, personally.

Carl_Shocker2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Right mate...what gives, your acting just like Crimson replying to everyone of my RE posts.

You don't need to defend the crap out of the game and Capcom in every post I make on them. It's just my opinion on a commenting site...why comment on all of them, you seem a little bothered by my comments. Don't like them, ignore them.

You know what...he create another account to troll, your probably another dupilcate he's created to defend Capcom/RE. All 11 posts since the day you joined are all about RE/Capcom or a reply to me...something seems off

Cpt Jack House2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

I was actually going to mention that bit about Sherry too, and I also agree with everything he said, some people are actually really excited for this game.

BreakingDown2956d ago

Yeah in the demo after Jake falls he tells Sherry he wishes he had her healing abilities. So really seeing Sherry hurt didn't come as a shocker.

I don't know, the game looks really good to me and I had fun from what I've played. I really liked the guys turning into spiders, pretty creepy and gross. I'm sold on it.

Puty2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

In this picture Leon looks kinda like Dante from Devil May Cry, you know, the old one.

pandehz2956d ago

Im guessing they just showed the whole story.

K waiting on RE7 then

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