IGN: Rainbow Six Vegas 2 multiplayer hands-on, videos and screens

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 isn't simply new maps and character models, instead you'll find a game that Ubisoft describes as a conglomeration of features that were left on the cutting room floor from the first game. Yes, this is indeed the true Vegas experience in a way only Rainbow Six can deliver.

The star of Rainbow Six has always been the multiplayer, and while it's the single-player and co-op that seem to be getting the bulk of the development attention for Vegas 2, don't think that you Xbox Live lovers are getting left out in the cold. Packed under the hood you'll find 13 new maps, some of which were pulled directly from Raven Shield (some are straight copies, others have seen some architectural changes). Not to mention the new abilities, customization options, modes and the newly designed leveling system.

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Martini4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

Awesome, definitely looks better then the first one. Sprinting ability will bring the pace up a bit too. Only a month to go can't wait :)

ravenguard884322d ago

I dunno. Half of me sees it as improvements but the other half sees it as more of a step away from realism.

Either way, I'm sure it'll be a great game. I had fun with Vegas despite the fact that it was completely unrealistic compared to the earlier games in the series.

skagrerrrr4322d ago

I can't wait for this game too!

original seed4322d ago

Or maybe it's just the players style. I like it when you actually use your scope to kill someone and not just run and gun.

narked4322d ago

well its probably played on a console. hard to have tactical play on a console with a joypad if u ask me

Shankle4322d ago

Looks to me like COD4 kicks its arse.

nekon4322d ago

They're not the same game.. Sometimes I want to run and gun, for that I play COD. Then when get fed up with the halo kids I grab RS to play a tactical game with mature people.

achira4322d ago

looks, good. and a lot sharper and not so blurry as the previous one.

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