I hope Sony goes away, so people won't have anything to cry about

[] just got done reading an article on Penny Arcade called, “Why Sony, and the PlayStation brand, could be in more trouble than you think,” written by Ben Kuchera. While the article brings up some valid points I feel as though it only tells half the story and that’s a problem.

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Snookies123837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

Hey, it's popular to hate Sony right now apparently. Let the whiners whine, not like that'll achieve anything anyway. :]

I've been perfectly happy with my PS3 especially in the later years of its appearance.

I'm primarily a PC gamer, though I try not to undervalue any other systems. Being a total die-hard fan for a single company is simply a childish way of trying to say, "I'm better than you because my system is better." They are all meant to play games, that's what they've always been about. Why not just be happy as gamers and not berate each other over system of choice.

Hatsune-Miku3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

Sony is the best despite what some might think .

I know some people will say differently that all the systems are good and each have their strengths and weaknesses but fundamentally its without a doubt Sony PlayStation is the best

When an informed person thinks about Nintendo they can think of a company that has weaker hardware with less features than the competition. They'll think of a few exclusives like Mario, Zelda, metroid, pokemon and a few others. They'll know that Nintendo consoles cater mostly to casuals, then the fans with very few core titles and bad third party support

Microsoft mostly cares about pushing Kinect these days but they have a handful of exclusive titles like gears of war, Halo, fable, and forza.
Xbl is a bit better than psn due to cross game chat and universal invites although it cost money to have xbl gold to take advantage of online play and other things.

PlayStation 3 offers a lot of exclusive titles of all genres and majority are of high quality and highly acclaimed. The ps3 plays blu rays which is the best and clearest way to experience video media format. The PlayStation not only caters mostly to the core but also caters to the casuals as well with unique titles. There are too many positives to talk about where PlayStation 3 is concerned but It's the best. It offers more software content and most are high quality.

Gazondaily3837d ago

Whilst I'm reluctant to reply to you (considering your fanboy musings in the past), it has to be made clear that quality is a matter of opinion.

"I know some people will say differently that all the systems are good and each have their strengths and weaknesses but fundamentally its without a doubt Sony PlayStation is the best "

Not at all. Stop trying to pass off your opinions as fact.

I own a PS3 and 360 and for me, the 360 is better console. Whilst a lot of pro-Sony (SDF fanboys) like to tout exclusives as the reason for the PS3's so-called superiority, what you fail to realise is, these exclusives do not necessarily appeal to everyone. A lot of users shed tears on here, quite embarassingly, stating that the reason for poor sales of these exclusives are because there are so many of them. I am sorry but that is a joke.

The 360 offers some seminal titles and these, arguably, represent some of the best (if not THE best in the industry).

Gears of War- a new IP (I don't see people moaning about Uncharted's various offerings as much on here) Its full of content and the series truly began the HD era. Decent story and excellent MP with various modes such as Beast/Horde mode etc

Halo 4- This is the definition of a killer-app and actually, after Halo 3 and Reach, is only the third game in the seminal series this gen and a BRAND NEW trilogy. I will argue that not only subjectively does it surpass any FPS on the PS3 but even objectively, in areas such as story, gameplay, MP and originality. Sony is still looking for its Halo-killer regardless of its efforts.

Forza- A bitter topic for many of the Sony faithful, but the critical reception for this speaks volumes. People also talk about the visual quality of GT5 but then completely ignore some of the last-gen looking visuals of the non-premium cars (even the almighty Toyota Supra isn't a premium model- pretty pathetic really). All of a sudden, sales figures are important on N4G (when in other cases, users scoff at them).

Crackdown vs Infamous- The latter title is grossly over-rated in my opinion but assuming that it isn't- which game is more innovative? Crackdown (from the makes of the GTA series itself) is extremely unique- its focus on verticality, making you feel like a PROPER superhero, offering a true sandbox and letting you play online via CO-OP, whilst having numerous other cool additions like transforming cars etc- whilst I can't speak for the sequel, the original is far better than Sony's counterpart mentioned above.

You would have to be in complete denial if you didn't believe that this generation was one of MULTIPLAT games. Look at the likes of:

* Fallout
* Oblivion
* Dead Space
* Assassin's Creed
* Borderlands
* Bayonetta
* Battlefield 3
* Bioshock
* Resident Evil
* Street Figher
* the list goes on....

Many of these titles run better on the 360 but regardless of that fact, the point is, these are excellent games. How can you then say the PS3 is defnitely better?

Yes it has some great exclusives but it has its negatives as well.How on earth is it that you have a so-called next-gen console (now current-gen) and not be able to send voice messages? Cross-game chat is a MUST simply because it should be a rudemintary feature as far as the tech is concerned. Remember the VOIP problems with BF3 on PS3? Not a problem at all on 360 because of it- also, it makes the online social functionality look like a joke on the PS3- seriously, I own a PS3 and it is frustratingly backwards in this regard.

So, yeah- think twice about passing off opinions as facts.

Hatsune-Miku3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

""Whilst I'm reluctant to reply to you (considering your fanboy musings in the past), it has to be made clear that quality is a matter of opinion.""


To summarize your post, you think quality is subjective, I'm a fangirl,ps3 exclusives doesn't appeal to everyone, ps3 games don't sell, xbox fewer exclusives are better etc etc

The crux of my argument is that ps3 possesses a lot of quality titles that spans different genres for different people

You think quality is subjective. it is a degree of excellence that is distinguishable in kind of thing. You mention the only four or so quality ip exclusives on the xbox and compare then to some ps3 exclusives. The distinguishable attributes in a lot of ps3 exclusives are things like graphics, sound, physics, animation etc.I won't mention story because that's up to people's interpretation and we all have different opinions on that. The quality Im talking about is something you can easily decipher and measure.

The games you mentioned on xbox aren't of the quality of the ps3 exclusives you mentioned when it comes to distinguishable attributes. It's no secret that ps3 is capable of producing the best graphics on consoles out now. The xbox 360 isn't even capable of pcm 7.1 so I won't go into that because ps3 can produce better lossless sound because of its hardware and blu ray disc capacity.

I'm not going to play jester like you're doing and be disingenuous. Not all games cater to everyone on ps3 just like it is everywhere else. You can prefer xbox but the fact is that it lacks a lot of exclusives like the ps3 and it lacks the amount of quality exclusives that ps3 possesses.

PlayStation is the best because it offers more software which means more for different types of gamers and most are of high quality. You think xbox is better because of four or five quality exclusive titles and multiplatform games. Ps3 is the best because of many quality exclusives and multiplatform games. There are other attributes about the console but informed gamers should already know.

from the beach3836d ago

Sony is the best in your opinion, dude.

Everyone has their favourite and there's nothing wrong with that - in fact it's impossible NOT to have a favourite! - but the things you list as weaknesses for Nintendo and Microsoft are strengths for other gamers, and vice versa.

Denethor_II3836d ago

To break down 'Septic's' comment I put it in a paragraph, for those less inclined to read the entire length of his/her drivel.
People who like PlayStation are fanboys. Gears Of War started HD gaming. Halo 4 is THE killer app. Forza is better than GT5. He much prefers some game called "Crackdown" to the Infamous series. Multiplats are better on 360. There's probably some spill about XBox Live as well, but to be honest I didn't read it all.

srcBFMVBMTH3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )


While it maybe true that the 360 beats it's competitors in the FPS department. It definitely does not in practically everywhere else.

Yes, there is Halo. That is something to be jealous of.


Gears of War? meh Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank, Killzone, Resistance, makes me not care about it.

Forza? Other racing games like MotorStorm, Gran Turismo, Wipeout, and ModNation makes me not care either.

Fable? lmao. It's pretty obvious that the series has gone nowhere but downhill.

Crackdown? You are seriously telling us that Infamous is overrated? In an article about Forza. You were sayin that it was better than Gran Turismo because REVIEWS said so LMAO. And now you are trying to tell us Crackdown is better than Infamous. Crackdown 2 with it's mediocre 70 metacritic rated score says otherwise buddy.

Mass Effect & The Witcher 2? Who cares? It's on PC < MGS4 & Demon's Souls anyday.

Left 4 Dead? Even if those titles are on PC already as well, The Last Of Us is really helping me forget about it.

Platformers? LittleBigPlanet has proven to be one of the best if not THEE best this gen. 360 really has nothing to offer here.

Hack n Slash? God of War and Heavenly Sword say hi.

Vehicular combat? Warhawk, Starhawk, and Twisted Metal say hi.

It isn't a matter of Quality vs Quantity, more like Quality AND Quantity vs Quality.

More and more titles are also starting to be superior on PS3 because devs are finally getting the hang of it.

And you need to get your facts straight bro.

Dead Space 1 and 2, Battlefield 3, Assassin's Creed 1, Revelations and soon to be 3, Borderlands 2, are better on PS3. Same with LA Noire, Portal 2, Batman Arkham Asylum, and Dark Souls. Not to mention that the differences you mention are negligible at best LMAO. You could barely tell the difference most of the time. Games like Fallout and Skyrim are where it's at it's worst. And they've already been patched.

Ducky3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

"Mass Effect & The Witcher 2? Who cares? It's on PC < MGS4 & Demon's Souls anyday.
Left 4 Dead? Even if those titles are on PC already as well, The Last Of Us is really helping me forget about it."

I don't think those games are comparable.
MGS4 is not an RPG.
DemonsSouls isn't much of an argument when DarkSouls exists. (Although I suppose the same holds true for MassEffect1 as well)
TLOU and L4D are vastly different.

I realize that you wrote the comment quickly and didn't have to time to get everything right, but in the case of western RPGs, most of the better games are multiplatform or on 360/PC. PS3 wins pretty easily on JRPGs though.

L4D is somewhat comparable to Payday. Although nowadays you have co-op games like Borderlands which are arguably better than L4D (on consoles at least)

MAJ0R3836d ago

"Dead Space 1 and 2, Battlefield 3, Assassin's Creed 1, Revelations and soon to be 3, Borderlands 2, are better on PS3. Same with LA Noire, Portal 2, Batman Arkham Asylum, and Dark Souls. Not to mention that the differences you mention are negligible at best LMAO. You could barely tell the difference most of the time. Games like Fallout and Skyrim are where it's at it's worst. And they've already been patched."

All of those games are better on PC. Plus, Skyrim still is really crappy on the PS3. Not to mention Bethesda somehow still can't get the first DLC to work with the PS3 version. PS3 usually lags behind on multiplats that aren't designed for it and then ported to the Xbox 360 and PC (which are the majority of multiplats.)

This is Sony's fault for designing a system that has an extremely sharp and difficult learning curve for developers, mainly because of the structure of the Cell Processor, and weak GPU.

srcBFMVBMTH3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )


Pretty much. Lol, I was just saying since Metal Gear went multiplat and all. PS3 still has MGS4. And since Mass Effect went multiplat as well. 360 still had Mass Effect 1. I would just compare the two.

The Witcher 2 and Demon's Souls seemed like the only 2 close comparisons though.


"All of those games are better on PC."

Your entire paragraph is irrelevant considering no one here is talking about PC. All I said was Left 4 Dead, Mass Effect, and The Witcher 2 are on PC. But that's about it.

"This is Sony's fault for designing a system that has an extremely sharp and difficult learning curve for developers, mainly because of the structure of the Cell Processor, and weak GPU."

Many devs have already learned to work with the PS3. EA, Ubisoft, RockStar, Valve, Square, and Konami have all been pretty comfortable with it's tech. The only ones who don't really get it yet is Bethesda. lmao.

DrJones3836d ago

And then they will cry about something else.

trouble_bubble3836d ago


Gears started the HD era? Uhh...pretty sure there were HD games out there in the year before Gears1 even launched. Or are you saying the 360's first year was all sub-HD? Resistance FOM was a launch title for PS3 in 2006, same week that Gears launched, and was as HD as anything else. Halo 3 didn't even run at native 720p a year later. Easy with the 360 inventing HD subtext.

Your "objective" points about Halo's "superiority' to PS3 FPS's fail to take into account the objective fact that there are PS3 FPS's that have been more critically acclaimed than several Halo titles.

Killzone 2 has the same 91 meta avg as the best Halo game, Halo Reach. Oops? Resistance 3's avg of 83 is THE SAME as Halo 3 ODST, and higher than Halo Anniversary and Halo Wars. Heck, Killzone 3, Resistance 1 and Resistance 2 all scored higher than ODST, Anniversary and Wars. Killer app, or living in the past? This is a post-COD world we live in afterall.

Forza is hardly a bitter topic. You're just splitting hairs. Forza didn't have day/night cycles, weather, as many cars, 3D etc, so pick your poison. And yes GT5 sold more than Forza, so what's to be bitter about?

Crackdown is more innovative than inFamous? OMFG, the map in Crackdown 2 is the same as Crackdown 1!!! The SAME. Jesus, inFamous 2 was in an entirely new city with unique powers. Innovative = Drug gangs, armored cops, shooting guns and stealing cars? called it a glorified $15 DLC. 1up called it a "user mod". Objectively, inFamous1 scored higher and sold more than Crackdown1 as well.

Cross game chat? How about cloud storage that works for every game on the PS3 and not just a select bunch on the 360. How about downloading games to multiple consoles without having to jump through archaic license transfer tool caps. How many years did it take the 360 to get a browser? Heck, it's still in beta. Think twice indeed.

etownthree3836d ago

Well said Septic.

Although judging by the disagree you got, you hurt a lot of feelings. Lol

Kingnichendrix3835d ago

Ohhh the Jimmies that have been rustled - Level unimaginable :L

slimpickens3835d ago

I view MS and Sony's approach as kind of a you take this way and I take that approach. Wii was destroying them both so they did what they had to in order survive and stay relevant. Neither console is offering so much more than the other in the games department. Sony did however hire some phenomenal developers that really went in deep to push the PS3 just as MS went in really deep to push the 3live as the go to spot. Let's just hope next gen all of the doom and gloom stops so we (possibly)can start playing games again instead of whining like kids every single day.

3835d ago
neogeo3835d ago Show
Dee_913835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

how you gonna go about saying dont try to pass your opinion off as fact then do the same thing.
Your the definition of a fanboy.You cant even take your own advice.
Multiplats are better on xbox.LMFAO!
that has to be the saddest thing ive ever heard.
If exclusives dont matter then why try to make it seem like multiplats are more exclusive on 360.
Your delusional.

Though I dont want to think this because it did seem a bit far fetched but I agree with what he said in the article.I believe the media is part of the reason why the ps3 has such a bad stigma.

Gridloc3835d ago


You forgot all those bitchen Kinect exclusives. Can't wait for Fable and its non responsive controls...

How dare Sory launch all these collections for people who have not played them yet. Three games for less than 40 bucks. GTFO. Sony sucks and is gonna fail.
I'd rather play the same stuff with different developers and never have to worry about playing new IP's. BTW anyone seen my Zune...

jimbobwahey3835d ago


I know this has been pointed out already but really, it bears repeating that it is utterly idiotic to chastise somebody for passing off opinion as fact before you do the exact same thing yourself. What you have said bears no more factual integrity than the person that you were replying to, so please don't try to pretend that it does.

Your desperate attempts to try to pass off 360 exclusives as superior to their PS3 competitors is quite frankly an embarrassing read.

Those of us who really do own both consoles just see posts like yours as pathetic, and you make your fanboyism glaringly obvious. Still, keep waving that Microsoft flag as if it somehow has any benefit to your existence, those of us who aren't mindless retards will continue to enjoy PS3, 360 and Wii exclusives without having to resort to writing utter gibberish on N4G comment sections to reassure our battered fanboy egos.

Your rant was just sad.

FuzzyPooka3835d ago

I'm partial to the PS3. Free Online cant be argued with, And Killer exclusives such as Uncharted, LittleBigPkanet, and The Last of Us are all top of the line games. Compared to XBoxes: Forza, Gears of War and Halo. But Xbox DOES have XBox Live, but I'll pay nothing over 69$ a year any day.

3835d ago
Athonline3835d ago


Sony's fault for designing a new architecture? PS2, the most successful game console ever is not an X86 architecture. Most consoles in the past were not with the traditional X86 architecture for PCs.

It isn't Sony's fault for developing something more power effective to costumers. I won't bother explaining the details of Cell architecture but the way it works it balances the "weak" GPU, thus you get games like MGS4, Lair, Heavenly Sword, Uncharted series, Heavy Rain, etc in terms of graphics.

The problem is the actual developers, they are lazy. With 360 and the XNA studio, pretty much you can create a game in your PC, run it and export it afterwards to X-Box by loading some libraries. It is pretty much a "Save as" job plus some small other steps -I was sponsored by Microsoft to attend some workshops in C#/XNA and saw this in action. Now with PS3, you have to RE-WRITE the game, utilizing the new architectures strengths and disadvantages and not go with a "Save as" approach. Companies who aren't crybabies did so and look at the results, even with 360 as the leading console, the differences are minimum.

ConstipatedGorilla3835d ago

If PS3 was the best, why can't it decisively beat 360 in sales and run them out? Clearly, if it were the best, you wouldn't even have to make these stupid arguments. It's almost like you have to convince yourself you have the best console. I have all 3 so I don't have to cry about which one is better. Pathetic.

bluedash3r3835d ago

dude i totally agree when i was a consolegamer ps3 was the place to be..ive played on xbox ive played gears halo..and all i could think about in the back of my mind is...i thought the grafix would be better almost always underimpressed with xbox titles.but when sony comes out with a game im never asking the question about the quality of the game ..uncharted killzone and all the others are always top notch quality sound sight exprience..although im a pc gamer now if i had to go back i would go back to ps3 with out a second thought

Gazondaily3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

I like the fact that many on here are calling me a fanboy whilst simultaneously agreeing with Hatsune who has, in the last week trolled almost every single Nintendo article.

You so called 'informed gamers' carry on spamming that disagree button but for those who actually own all consoles and won't succumb to the mob rule on here, you'll realise that there are two sides to the story.

I do play and enjoy my PS3 but are you telling me that I'm wrong to believe that it is wrong to suggest that it is a FACT that the PS3 is the better console fullstop?

Each to their own but unlike many on here pretending to own all consoles and being impartial, I know that I am genuinely someone who is interested in gaming who plays on all platforms as opposed to mindlessly following a console brand religiously. I'll be buying the PS4, 720, WiiU on day one. That's my hard earned cash going into them, of course I want them to be good.

If I felt the PS3 was better, I'd say so. I owe no allegiance to Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo. The same can't be said about the majority of users on here.

jadenkorri3835d ago

@ ConstipatedGorilla

ps3 is beating the 360 in sales, you just conveniently forget the fact the 360 been out for a full year before the ps3. I can't wait to see the Wii U come out, then another console for 360 owners to boast about beating in sales. Of coarse we won't see those articles, as their not "anti Sony" articles.

kikizoo3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

"Although judging by the disagree you got, you hurt a lot of feelings. Lol"

disagree = people thinking you are wrong, and when you have many more than agree, you are probably wrong...even if 360 fangirls multi accounts actions are sometime misleading.

same kind of poor logic here from a well know delusional xfanboy :
"This site is so full of sony fans they wouldnt know truth if it fell out of there ass."

real gamers are logicly defending sony when stupid fanboyz are hating it, and this site, is a site for gamers, end of story....

Autodidactdystopia3835d ago

Im gonna spare you my wall of text because i can see that 5Million people beat me to it.


Had this been my wall of text you would have read a novel by now.

dragonrage003835d ago

While I personally think the ps3 is the best console for its exclusives , im aware thats MY opinion and not a fact. For some people, Halo alone makes 360 better than ps3. Are they less of a gamer than me? I dont think so. In my youth I would go on with fanboy wars, but now I realize thats pointless. The shape this conversation has taken is bullshit. If you prefer the exclusives on the 360/ps3, then 360/ps3 is the best for you. Its that simple. Its all OPINION, regardless of how much sense you try to make out of it. So please stop the fanboy crap and enjoy the console YOU chose.

knowyourstuff3835d ago

This is the biggest flaim-baiting fishing for hits nonsense ever. Don't click the link, and vote this garbage down.

Dee_913835d ago

"I like the fact that many on here are calling me a fanboy whilst simultaneously agreeing with Hatsune"

So you have proof that the people who agreed with him are calling you a fanboy?
Do you know what a fact is ? Surely as hell not a fact because I didnt click the agree button and im 1 of 2 that blatantly called you a fanboy ...hmm

"I do play and enjoy my PS3 but are you telling me that I'm wrong to believe that it is wrong to suggest that it is a FACT that the PS3 is the better console fullstop? "

Nobody said its wrong that you think that.How ever people are pointing out the incredible amount of irony in your post.That you shun him for stating opinion as fact then you turn around and do the same thing.

KingMe423835d ago


All you said is preference, that and to me you sure do sound fairly "fanboy" over 360 to me.

GoW to me seems very average while the solo in Uncharted surpass it. Forza i could not give a crap about. And Crackdown over inFamous again I prefer inFamous and never once thought it over rated.

See how YOU sound hypocritical now? So to me everything you said sounded more opinion than fact and then you end your comment like that.....hypocrite if i have ever seen one

zag3835d ago


I think your 360 games list shows the problem with the 360 in general and MS support of it these days.

Once a year you get the chance to buy the next version of the exact same game.

The multiplats don't mean much overall because they are on all platforms.

Where as Sony had a set of games and did them for the PS2 MS bought access to those games.

Sony for the PS3 did a whole new set of games for the PS3 MS doesn't have any of those.

My guess Sony will do a new set of games for the PS4 when it comes out.

See the difference right there, These days on the 360 if it's not a kenict game then MS doesn't want to know about it.

That's saying if they even bother with games anymore seeing as they pretty much only push the movie streaming service these days.

Even the multiplat companies are now starting to get fed up with MS ignoring them.

But that's the normal MS way with handling stuff jump in on a cash wagon whip the horse till it's dead then jump off and get into something else, these days it's not consoles but phones and tablets.

MaxXAttaxX3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

You talk about passing opinions as facts and how most of it is subjective. Yet you turn around and do the same.

An Xbox fan calling PlayStation fans "pro-Sony SDF fanboys" (and your history for quickly commenting on articles tagged as Sony and PS3 only) automatically invalidates most of your comment.
For someone who doesn't like the PS3 you sure like to come to these articles a lot...

* Gears started the HD era? That's literally fanboy nonsense.
Horde is a glorified version of survival mode. Enemy waves, time limits, difficulty increases. Nothing new.
Altered Beast and the Bloody Roar games are the only "beast modes" I remember, lol

* Crackdown? Really?
You guys haven't played many games before the Xbox came around, have you?

* Halo 3 was the third game in the series and fairly well known by then. So if everyone cared about it, they would have gotten an Xbox. But a lot of people didn't and won't. Those who chose not to, are not missing out or jealous because they never cared in the first place. There is such thing.
It's funny that you people are still talking about "Halo-killers", a term made up by the media and fanboys. Halo doesn't need to be "killed". Devs don't care about making a Halo rival. People have moved on.

You think Forza is better because of reviews? Hmm isn't a review a person's opinion and therefore subjective?

All those multiplats listed are also playable on PS3. Don't see your point. Especially with games like Street Fighter or MvC3 with PS3 doubling the sales of 360 versions.

* So let me get this straight:
360 - Few exclusives(Some of which are playable on PC) + Same multiplatform games = Good.
PS3 - Many more exclusives(which fans like to talk about) + Same multiplatform games = Bad.

* Voice messages are your definition of next-gen? Give me a break.
Gaming consoles' main priority is GAMES. It is laughable that you attempt to downplay such a key factor in consoles with your "PS3 has more exclusives, big deal" attitude.
But no, pay for voice messages and cross chat is where its at! Right? /s

What's better for some may not be better for all. But all of that was just my opinion, of course.

Karum3835d ago

I love how Septic told someone not to pass his opinions off as fact and then went and did just that.

Not to say that he doesn't have some good and valid points because he does. There's still some stuff in there where he passes off opinion as fact, the Crackdown stuff being the best example. I think you must be on crack there buddy.

Gazondaily3835d ago

I knew that taking a stand for the 360 would result in the kind of backlash (from the usual suspects) you see here.

A lot of people on here are making it out that I am passing off opinions as facts yet the exact same people are making sweeping statements and contradicting themselves. Look, I don't have time to answer every point everyone is making but as a quick rebuttal, I offer the following:

@ Hatsune:

"You mention the only four or so quality ip exclusives on the xbox and compare then to some ps3 exclusives."

I only mentioned four because, as I'm sure you can appreciate, there are not only character limitations (which my original post exceeded) but also time limitations (a cursory glance at my timetable will confirm that-I'm currently at the office balancing work and N4G).

You say you can measure quality but talk about things such as visuals and sounds. Let’s take Gears of War- can Uncharted match its MP modes and offerings? Give your opinion and also try and objective here.


There is a lot of hypocrisy in your so-called 'objective' assesesment of the games you are comparing- first of all you talk about the metacritic scores for likes of Killzone when discussing FPS- and you compare them to ODST (an expansion pack?!) and Halo Wars (a RTS?!)and Anniversary (an HD REMAKE?!)

THEN you proceed to talk about Forza and quite conveniently forget to talk about Metacritic scores at all and THEN conveniently talk about sales figures??

Then you go on about Crackdown and your rebuttal on my point is that the map for Crackdown 2 is the same as one EVEN THOUGH I specifically stated in my original post:

"whilst I can't speak for the sequel, the original is far better than Sony's counterpart mentioned above."

Was this so hard for you to understand?

"Think twice indeed"

In your case, I think you need think more than twice. You see, this chap got for 43 agrees and 8 disagrees in light of all the failings in his post.

Look, at the end of the day, each to their own. If you think the PS3 is the better console then so be it. I don't think that is a FACT that the 360 is a better console btw.

Hatsune has, almost regimentally, come on here and pretty much trolled every Nintendo article. I have noticed that, on here, PS3 fanboys (I use the term fanboys not fan because I am a fan myself) are so overly-aggressive and short-sighted- THEY are the ones instigating arguments against the 360, Nintendo and even the PC. Why is that or am I making a sweeping statement?


Oh please. Please- unlike you, I don't owe an allegiance to one console.

"For someone who doesn't like the PS3.."

Hold on a minute- I DO like my PS3. Why else would I play on it? I don't like many things about it like the lacklustre online options, mandatory installs etc but I still like it, hence why I continue to buy games for it and play on it. Do you own a 360? Do you play on it?

"You think Forza is better because of reviews?"

Not at all- I think Forza is a better game (but not necessarily a better pure simulator) because I've played it and enjoy it more than GT.

"It is laughable that you attempt to downplay..."

I'm not downplaying PS3 exclusives at all, I'm merely trying to make a point about the quality of the 360 ones.

Anyway, I may be guilty for being a hypocrite when appearing to pass off some of my opinions as facts- with Crackdown (I should have added 'imo'. For that I apologise.

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scofios3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

Top Story's on N4G

Sony is doomed.
Sony is screwed
Sony failed
sony beter stops .
Playstation is in 3'rd place
vita's dont' sell

Microsoft's kinect is beter than bread.
Microsoft XBL Is worth to pay 250$
Nintendo is so cool.
Wii u wil be released next year but has already beaten ps3.

Sony need to stop
sony is bad
My dog died it's sony's fault.
sony need to charge $$$ for psn so we can cry more.
Why does sony need first party games it is bad for the industry.

Cliffy B goes to toilet
Cliffy B xbox rules
Cliffi B has kinect in his ass.
cliffy B next gen bla bla bla.

phello3836d ago

Have not dropped a comment here for ages but scofios your comment was pretty funny and thanks for the laugh. Have a bubble on me. :)

Ak47Russia3836d ago

I am not a PS3 fanboy, i only play PC games!

Seriously! What is with all this hate? since 2006 its like all media UK/US journalists are bunch of x360 fanboys.... Thats why i always say to people to stop watching reviews and other shitty opinions from them.

srcBFMVBMTH3836d ago

Holy crap dude. Spot on LMAO.

Ducky3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

That has more to do with N4G's community than the media itself.

For some reason, a negative article on Sony gathers heat up pretty quickly, mostly because people here feel the need to respond.
That's why you have mostly no-name sites making a poorly written anti-Sony article, because they know that users here will give it attention.
I hardly ever see those kinds of articles becoming a 'top story' on other sites.

CliffyB-related news gets attention because ironically, he's unpopular here. Most of the heat is gathered by people commenting about how much they don't care.

subtenko3836d ago

We should also have a "Sad but true" Option too :/ This BS is always ridiculous, I never pay any attention to it except for the comments, but even then I have to weed throughout all the BS -_-;

I mean I know why people do it, its different reasons. I like all 3 consoles but I have my favorites of course. Imo, we should have more articles haggling the bad practices of company's like EA.

PinkFunk3836d ago

Scofio's post did make me laugh. It's rather true!

@FatOldMan, spot on. The only reason they raise above most articles is because it's troll material, and it gets people fired up. The comments are mostly people (apparently like myself) commenting on this article to express discontent, or to call the author a troll, or to negate the importance of the website, etc. etc.

A grand majority of the websites that publish these articles really aren't worth the comments or the clicks. But hey, the importance of N4G is normally the conversation. I follow a link incredibly rarely, unless it looks as though it's a well written, well thought out article, and usually only if it seems to have new information or a solid interview with a developer.

Any article title that starts with "Top 10" or "Why ...", I really treat with mad skepticism. A pretty tell tale sign of bad journalism.

insomnium23836d ago


LOL you crack me up dude. Bubbles fur funny even though it is true.


"That has more to do with N4G's community than the media itself. "

And think that every single time I'm here reading news I can see the frequent "this site is a ps3 fanboy heaven"-comment more than once every single time. Never the opposite.

This thing has way more to do with all the unjustified bashing the PS3 took in 2006-2008 than anything.

Many are still on the edge about that it was just THAT crazy in here back then.

It's funny to see someone saying "yeah but MS took some heat too" after a comment like that since MS actually earned to be called out with their actions. RROD is/was a fiasco for example. Sony on the other hand did nothing to earn the hate about BD being doomed and PS3 being doomed. All they did was bring out a high end console. Without the financial crisis PS3 would be 10-15 million above x360 in lifetime sales.

When we all know these things and the reasons for them too it is an effing insult to have all the no-name-sites here bombarding PS3 for absolutely no reason other than hits for their no-name-site.

I've been through all that BS that went on here in 2006-2008 and now we are seeing this site falling back to that same sea of BS. I just wish there was a writer somewhere who would challenge these BSitters this time around. I'm getting way too old for this s*it. This whole thing wreaks of OLD!

chukamachine3836d ago

That is some of the funniest shit i've seen on N4G.

Awesome and so truthful

Hanilugtehul3836d ago

well said sir:-) bubs for you:-) Peace:-)

one2thr3835d ago


TongkatAli3835d ago

Funniest post ever, you made me spit out my water.

Jazz41083835d ago

You have got the top storys right as they ate always sony related. If you find a ms article on here under even the ms tab you are doing well. This site is so full of sony fans they wouldnt know truth if it fell out of there ass.

Kurt Russell3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

^ I can't believe these guys actually found this post THAT amusing... I have no idea which head to place the nerd crown on.

Anyway, isn't this a Sony site? The average agrees and disagrees are always within sonys favour. For example: this entire comment section.

Disagree me down, it simply proves my point.

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Thatguy-3103836d ago

SEriously what the hell is up with all these articles about Sony dying out? Why is it even getting approved?

negative3835d ago

I only game on the xbox 360. My wii and ps3 are collecting too much dust.

Anyone interested???

geddesmond3835d ago

Ah I couldn't care less what anyone says about Sony. I've enjoyed a lot of things they've brought out these last 15 or so years and I'm really looking forward to future products like The Last of Us, GOW;A and Beyond.

I've been happy with them on most things and I've gotten pissed off with them on other stuff too but ya know what some of my favorite titles might not have came to fruition if it wasn't for Sony. If Sony did close up y'all would know the exact impact Sony had on the industry and yous would miss them.

showtimefolks3835d ago

So 3rd straight days of why Sony sucks or why they will go out of business.

I don't see anything against xbox360 or wiiu so I am guessing Xbox defense force has jinxed the Nintendo fan girls to hate on Sony

Why can't we all live in peace gamers why? Why do we need to hate on anther company to feel good about the product we bought or support?

Sony started out arrogant and full of them self at $599 and saying its not their job to make development easier. To now where they have the best exclusives since 2007 and support 3rd party with development help.

Competition is what drives tech forward to if the is no Sony than ms and Nintendo wouldn't try as much so we need competition.

Live in each stop hating enjoy games

Rettom3835d ago

In the end, sadly, what you have said won't matter. People are too stubborn to accept that. Sad, truly.

Ares84HU3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

How do articles like this get approved???

SilentNegotiator3835d ago

Apparently a new console won't have any effect on the 360 (read: 100 new FUD/DOOM articles about the ps3 posted this week vs approximately zero 360 doom articles posted in the last month), which is still on average about neck-and-neck with the ps3. But Ps3 is DOOOOOOOOOOOMED because the bundle for the new model is a few dollars more and it's a slower release year than the last.

Pillsbury13835d ago

@septic I get amused when m$ fanboys keep repeating the only 3 exclusives Xbox has halo/forza/gears. Cause that's all you have.

forevercloud30003835d ago

Contrary to the point most of this kind of arguing is based on opinion, if we take a step back and look at the numbers we can formulate quality from that. Whether you accept this as a inidividual criterium is up to you.

Sales wise, while NIN and MS both have a few titles that sell above and beyond anything PS sells....Sony still has at least 2x as many good selling IPs that make up for that difference. Certain genres are more popular and others not so much, this is reality but only Sony puts out consistant top selling 1st Party games. Close second would be Nintendo, distant last is MS.

GameRankings and Metacritic, while not entirely precise, are the only quantifiable consensus we have. There are more PS3 games with a 7 or above than the other two.

Sony garners far more awards for gaming excellency than the other two. LBP and U2 alone hold fascinating records in this field. MS has very few, if any. Nintendo has a few for their tried and true Mario series.

As far as Genre appeals, PS has a far more varied roster of games. There is something for everyone and I don't think anyone disputes PS is just more diverse than the others.

So if we are to deduct quality by the numbers... Playstation is by far the over all best platform for gaming. It might be tough to hear if you were suckered into getting a Wii or 360 first, but you only do yourself an injustice by pretending PS games are "Not as good as they say" because you don't want to feel like you made a bad purchase.

Unfortunate for Sony tho, their arragance before this gen started due to their unstoppable success last gen was their downfall. They thought they had it in the bag so they gambled on some risky stuff. Many gamers did not bite in effort of "teaching them a lesson" and in turn hurt the PS brand tremendously where Sony has to fight tooth and nail just to get what came free before. If Sony was no longer in the gaming world...I would just have to quit gaming all together because neither of the oppositions could satiate my tastes.

ChickeyCantor3835d ago

"Hey, it's popular to hate Sony right now apparently."

Don't I read that all the damn time. Fanboys think it's always their system is under attack.


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yesmynameissumo3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

The challenges Sony faces

I feel the raised price thing is an exaggeration, to (in many ways) spin your particular viewpoint. That or purposefully ignoring the value the bundle provides in the wake of $3-400 Microsoft and Nintendo bundles. This seems to be the modus operandi of many, many sites. Then the holidays roll around and everyone does very well. Your opinion that Sony’s view of people want content rather than a price drop is spin, is only valid if you want it to be. Somehow, this generation has been lost, even with Sony committing to support the PS3 into 2015. That and the generation had no real starting point, yet they’ve lost somehow? I don’t get it.

Sure, Microsoft has Halo 4, but it will be the same boost to console sales as every other Halo title they’ve released, then had the holidays roll in shortly behind. In terms of COD, Activision themselves have said they sell very well on PS3 too, so I’m not sure the point you’re making with Black Ops 2.

The price of the Vita, and what it will cost Sony

You ignore the 300% sales increase in Japan with the release of Hatsune Miku. Instead, you refer to data from June, I assume, to try and make your point. While Sony has a “weak Holiday lineup”, the ONLY game you mention for the 360 is Halo 4, ignoring its rather weak lineup as well. Then back to the pricing, again, ignoring the $300 360 or $400 360 with Kinect or the $300 or . The reason why the 12GB PS3 won’t see the States is because no one would buy it. Like the 4GB 360. There’s a reason MS won’t share sales data on their models and why the 4GB is the $99 subsidized one.

The layoffs at Sony seem to be focused on, when this is simply the nature of the beast. 100 studios have closed since 2006, with their owners surprisingly still in business. It just reads like fear mongering. Now onto the unemotional, unjaded tweets of The Tester Season 1’s winner. How this is even referenced is amazing to me. You can add “impartial”, but to then quote the obviously disgruntled PR gamer, is simply odd. As you said, “gaming is brutal” but I guess he thought the industry’s lack of stability (regardless the company) didn’t apply. Also, suggesting Sony wouldn’t have press support for the holidays is borderline irresponsible.

There is no easy path out

Most of this is just crystal ball predictions man. Sony’s conceded the 2012 holiday? How? By releasing bundles and Vita games? Granted, 2013 looks to be stellar, but 2012 isn’t a slouch. New PS3 owners have plenty to buy during the holidays, plenty of value and plenty look forward too. I think you take that for granted in many ways. I tire of the doom and gloom. You should tire of contributing to it.

Siren303836d ago ShowReplies(1)
PinkFunk3836d ago

Nicely written comment. Well thought out.

I think the emphasis on this 'console race' is rather silly. Each business has a different sort of business model. Yeah, they're all competing with one another, but there's no reason why they can't all do well.

Sony released the PS3 at a later date, and has a model to support the console until 2015. It has been selling very well, and sales keep increasing. They've got their prospects, and make decisions on pricecuts and releases and bundles based off their business model. I wouldn't for one second assume that they're just messing around; they have a strong and well informed idea of what they're doing.

prototypeknuckles3837d ago

ive never heard one anti-microsoft rant its only sony and nintendo, yet they actually make games people want to play and sony is the only one out of the 3 doing new ips, letting their developers innovate.

smashcrashbash3837d ago

I certainly will admit that Sony have had some problems and are in a financial bind at the moment but I believe people are blowing it way out of proportion as if they are actually excited or eager to see Sony fall. People cry and moan as if no company has ever done wrong or made bad decisions. Nintendo completely lost support from so many by not changing their format, Sega drove themselves right out of the console business, several consoles where hard to program for despite them being powerful but no one made such a big fuss about them as they have done with Sony this gen.

Sony hasn't filed for bankruptcy, are still making exclusives, haven't cancelled any future projects, talking about supporting the PS3 for the next 2-3 years, just brought Gaikai Sony, is ready to go into cell gaming etc.But despite all this it's like people are just jumping at the opportunity to see them fail. Rumors, statements from most likely disgruntled employees, every piece of news and article searching to find something that indicates how soon Sony will fail completely as if to be the first one to jump out and say 'I told you so'.

And if you even say 'We understand what is going on with Sony enough already' you are part of the Sony Defense Force and pretending that everything is okay. So just because I don't doom Sony to failure ever ten seconds that means I don't understand what could happen? Just like any mess you have to clean it up first and that is what they are trying to do while people keep shouting over their shoulders telling you how, when and how fast you need to clean it. It reminds me of Obama who is trying to clean up the mess the last person made and people keep telling him he has to clean it up while he is trying to clean it up.

People always cry how so many people love to troll Nintendo and Microsoft when people troll Sony even more. Despite my misgiving with Wii U I certainly don't want it to fail or anyone who buys it not to have fun. But many people this gen just seem to want the PlayStation brand to go down just so they can revel in it. I don't understand this gen at all. Despite my arguments and disagreements with my friend about who was better Sega or Nintendo I never once wanted to see them go or was hanging on to see how fast they would destroy themselves even when they were making mistakes. I am as concerned about the situation too but people seem to think that they are more concerned by it then Sony is for some reason.Sony owns the company and has to deal with the consequences if it goes down but somehow the people who simply own a few of their products seem to believe that their stake in this is much bigger or something.

rainslacker3835d ago

Back when Sega drove themselves out of the console business the internet wasn't really the sounding board it is today. There were BBS, Usenet, AOL, etc, but everything but Usenet was actually moderated by reasonable people. BBS had to be run by someone and most good ones tried to keep the trolls to a minimum. AOL didn't allow this kind of thing. Usenet you could do whatever you want, but it didn't have a rating system like you have here, so things like this got drowned out pretty quickly. Usually if you saw anything like this is would be in a magazine in the letters section, and even then it tended to be more thought out, and not usually calling for a complete demise of a company.

Even during the PS2/Gamecube days the internet wasn't as bad as it is now. Today people just say what they want without any thought or research, and people respond to trolls. Despite the fact that trolls have been around forever, people still fall for the same crap that we long time internet users have learned to ignore for quite a while. Unfortunately this isn't a trend that's likely to end anytime soon, and isn't even something that's singular to gaming. Political forums make this place look like a kindergarten playground.

Anyways, none of the Big 3 are likely to drive themselves out of the console race in the next generation. They all offer something different and unique to gaming. Attitudes will shift, and so will the companies. They may change how they approach the next generation, for instance MS seems to be going a more casual route, but still cater a bit to the core. What we think of consoles today may not be what we know now in a couple generations. But there will be some company there to take the helm and give gamers what they want.

DialgaMarine3837d ago

I don't know who this guy is, but I want to shake his hand. He basically said it all. Sony has done amazing things this gen, despite the major shitstorm that they've hit. It's pretty much the lying gaming journalists, like the guy who wrote the other article, who have Microsoft's c*ck so far up their ass that all they can do is spew Microsoft's jizz out of their mouths. They're the ones that have to constantly put Sony down, because they're nothing but a bunch of wannabe non-conformist hipster f*ckheads who think that they're somehow cool and unique for going against the company that is obviously the best, when the harsh reality is that are nothing but dime-a-dozen conformist pieces of sh*t.

Sorry, but Sony has been the best company for actual games this gen, the previous gen, and the gen before that. It's just fact, and those of you who don't want to accept can go back to whacking it to your favorite company's profit margin while you get nothing in return. Have fun.


Thanks for the support and I wrote this piece and have my site for Sony fans... Check the site out more often got tons of good stuff coming and wait for my review format think you will like it

Xwow20083837d ago

quot from your article
"And this media problem is not only gaming related, but in electronics media in general when it comes to Sony products"

Your damn right the sony haters espically US/UK media and the viral marketing from some competitors want to kill the sony brand especially playstation they been trying so hard to do that from 2006 until now they even attack the sony fans and call them the worst.

Too bad for the haters they are for a "rude awakening" in the coming years :)

Cueil3836d ago

Your rebuttle started off strong, but then you fell off into some kind of sony fanboy rant. Ben wasn't comparing Sony to Microsoft or Nintendo he was simply using them to show the weakness of Sony's position. And this isn't just in gaming it's in all divisions. Sony is getting beaten back by it's competitors on all fronts. Nothing last forever... is this the beginning of the end for Sony? Perhaps not, but it's certainly not heading in the right direction to avoid the eventual restructuring that may be required.