BYOT Episode 4: Street Fighter’s 25th anniversary

To celebrate the Silver Anniversary of Street Fighter, Capcom released a massive, fun-filled collector’s edition. Area 5 produced the feature-length documentary included in that set, and this episode, we sit down with three of the guys who made the retrospective. The video-production house’s Cesar Quintero, Ryan O’Donnell, and Jason Bertrand join GamesBeat editor-in-chief Dan “Shoe” Hsu to try to fit a quarter-century of Hadoukens into an hour. They almost make it.

This episode’s topics:

-Japanese vs. U.S. arcade culture
-Area 5′s favorite interviews from its Street Fighter documentary
-Interesting stories that didn’t quite make it into Area 5′s movie

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davidfca3120d ago

Some good stuff here, especially about different personalities around the fighting game scene. They talked to some cool folks both here and in Japan. Also there's a really scary story about a truck with a busted gearbox. Recommended!

Sadie21003120d ago

Oh man, this is really making me want to play Street Fighter!!

NagaSotuva3119d ago

I need to visit one of those giant Japanese arcades.