Kotaku: Best Final Fantasy Sequel Ever

That's right, it's the end of Speak Up on Kotaku as we know it, at least as a daily feature. For years I've (Fahey) been going though the Speak Up and then TAY user forums, scouring them for gems to share with the class, like commenter CannibalTuna stepping up to admit that Final Fantasy X-2 was a pretty good game. We'll still be scouring the comments for items that deserve posting. It just won't be a daily thing any more.

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abzdine2215d ago

FFX2 was like a beat em all to me. Choose mission kill the boss go back to the ship.. it was only made for the money.

HammadTheBeast2215d ago

Type-0, while not a sequal, is the best modern Final Fantasy available at the moment, sadly only in Japan right now.

victoryscreeeeeech2215d ago

So can someone explain to me, I know nothing of final fantasy, wat final fantasy 10-2 or 13-2, and is It possible for final fantasy 10-11?

GenericNameHere2215d ago

What? I didn't get what you were trying to ask.
Just go search them up on Wikipedia. They're not really hard to find information on.
And you've NEVER played Final Fantasy before? How do you live with yourself not having played this franchise? That'd be like never watching the Star Wars movies. Just impossible.

Jreca2215d ago

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2, as far as I've played FF sequels. Nuf said.

Gamer19822215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

Oh god no. The card/law system ruined FFT.

Gamer19822215d ago

I agree about FFX-2 it was my fave sequel of FF games and will continue to be so.

Inception2215d ago

The only FF sequel i already played are dirge of cerberus, X-2, and revenant wings (XII-2). I never play IV-2, XIII-2, or FFTA. So for me the best sekuel FF is revenant wings.

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The story is too old to be commented.