Summer 2012 Box Art Report Card

Steph-O of Play Legit writes "Darksiders II has used an understated visual campaign for all of its game advertisements, and they have stuck with it for the game cover as well. I really like that we see a post-battle pose and background, which is complimented by the limited color pallet and clean visuals."

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N4Flamers2212d ago

Am I the only person that sees that the wow cover is perspectively wrong? The pandas rear arm and staff are in front of the portal yet his stomach falls behind it. This would be OK if we weren't looking at the panda head on with his arms stretched out.

vickers5002211d ago (Edited 2211d ago )

How is it wrong? It looks as if he's leaning through the portal, with his arms on the outside of the portal, and his stomach inside of the portal, meaning he is really close to it. Kind of like if I were leaning forward through a window, I could, if the wall underneath the window wasn't too thick, put my arms on the outside of the window yet still have my main body inside.

Seems pretty fine perspective wise to me.

N4Flamers2210d ago

If you were a snake maybe. The problem with the picture is that his arms are perpendicular to the portal. On top of that they are way in front of it because there is a shadow underneath them. Next time you're in front of a window try that.

N4Flamers2210d ago

Just to illustrate further. His body is vertical so he's not leaning. There is no twist or bend in his torso and there is foreshortening on both his arms meaning they're coming right at you.

vickers5002209d ago

Maybe he has really long arms. He could also be leaning forward against something, meaning he wouldn't have to twist or bend his torso.

Considering that the space between the portal and the outside is probably paper thin, the pose within that picture is definitely plausible.

Also, the portal, while perfectly straight and circular to us, on his side could be slanted forward to him more, removing the need for him to lean on him.

Just saying, some of those things are plausible.