TGS: Assassin's Creed Liberation Vita

New footage of the PSVITA Game.

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badz1493785d ago

Ubi make this a cross-buy with will be so much better! will definitely attract more people to buy the PS3 version, me included! as it is, I am not buying any Ac game just because I can't get into it buy with cross buy, I'm willing to give it another try!

jony_dols3785d ago

AC Liberation is a brand new game, not just a lazy port. Ubisoft & Sony have invested a lot in it, so it deserves to be sold as a separate game. I for one will hopefully be buying both (pending my money situation at the end of next month, of course!)

badz1493785d ago

Sony games that sill be available as cross buy are lazy ports? really?

and what's wrong with hoping that this is also a cross buy game? it's like you're saying games shouldn't be discounted because people invested a lot in them! if that's the case, let's go SUE Steam!

CaptCalvin3785d ago

What makes you think that these games SHOULD be discounted in the first place? Steam only gives discounts for games that's been out for a while or on special occasions. Sony only did it because they're extra nice. You should only be thanking Sony, NOT be expecting other companies to do the same. Besides, most of the cross buy titles are virtually the same games across the two platforms, which takes much less time and effort than creating two different games as is the case for ACIII and AC:L

shammgod3785d ago

Looks like some good A$$ $**t. Can't wait

rpd1233785d ago

I wish they had a demo on the playstation store. I would play it over and over and over until the game comes out.

K-F-C_13778d ago

Thats how I decide on most of my purchases,through the demos if they're avalible.

rpd1233778d ago

Same. I'm definitely getting this without even playing a demo (I love AC) but most of the time I like to play it first. That way I won't end up regretting a purchase.

VitaOwner3785d ago

Can't wait to own this game!

Cryptcuzz3785d ago

Wow, I am really impressed. To me, this game proves what is really possible with the Vita in terms of graphics and gameplay.

I hope the game would be a full length Assassins Creed game.

I really don't need anymore convincing though, I am sold on this game and will be getting the White Vita bundle with this game.

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