Fans petition Team Ninja for Custom Music on PS3

Some fans on Gamefaqs are unhappy with the shift to Rap Music with DoA5 and, instead of asking the developer to change their game any (like was done with Mass Effect) they are instead asking for a much simpler solution; grant access to Sony's AMB Music.

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Snookies122216d ago

Rap? Wow yeah, I don't really like that either. No offense to those that do, but honestly all games should have a good mix of music and not just primarily focus on one genre. Unless of course the game is based around its music.

Lord_Sloth2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

I don't believe the game sports only Rap but it apparently has enough to have some people in a bit of a tizzy.

Snookies122216d ago

Oh well as long as it's not like 80% of the music I'm okay with it... I just like to have variety so I'm not constantly listening to only one type of music throughout. XD

GamersXTREME2216d ago

As someone who's played the game since Thursday non-stop, the only rap song in the game is the one from the trailer...and it only plays when trying to join an online match. I won't get into details about the soundtrack as my in-depth review goes live at 9am EST, but petitioning for a song that you barely hear for more than 30 seconds is pretty childish. Take it from someone who's not a fan of rap music and has actually completed the game.

bacrec12216d ago

Music should be the last concern for this franchise.

DivineAssault 2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

I like DOAs music.. I wouldnt listen to anything else while playing it.. Oh well, 1 & 1/2 more hrs til i get my copy

Athlon2216d ago

It's wack rap at that too judging from the trailer. lol I couldn't help but cringe when I heard it. I mean isn't pop music more popular these days?

Gen0ne2216d ago

It is wack rap sir. I own the game and... yes, it is indeed wack. This song lives on the island of Wackfu its so wack.

Kalowest2216d ago

Mainstream music sucks in general.

DirtyLary2216d ago

Rather see a petition for quality netcode, 1st reports aren't good.

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The story is too old to be commented.