Is the new PS3 a negative rather than a positive?

SYCO: "In the current console generation, there have been so many changes to the look and designs of each of the three major consoles from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. On Tuesday, Sony revealed at the Tokyo Game Show that they will be releasing a Super Slim version of their trademark console, the PS3."

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RivetCityGhoul2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

its negative because its not cheaper. the whole point of cutting costs on a system is to make it more affordable for consumers. what the hell is the point of buying a "super slim" when the previous slim is cheaper. its dumb decisions like that is what what got sony in the red in the first place.

Gildarts2304d ago

Its not cheaper? dafuq is the point then?

Nitrowolf22303d ago

probably to cut down on production cost and try to maximize profits. After all that is a company ultimate goal, to max profits.

Still I think we will see a price cut near christmas, not sue if the RRP rule applies outside of Europe.

jeseth2303d ago

Sony really needed a PS3 at at least the $199 price point.

I'm indifferent on the new design ... at this point they should be trying to increase their imprint on the gaming community this gen to strengthen the demand for their next system.

I really thought that the entire objective of a new PS3 design would be to compete w/360 at the $199 price range. Kind of a bummer to see that is not the case.

shoddy2303d ago

Every Sony action is negative.
I swear I see at least one negative Sony article everyday since ps3 launch.

Good thing ps3 isn't teh doom yet.

Anon19742303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

This is ridiculous. How many hardware revisions did we see with the PS2? I've seen people complain that a PS3 hardware revision makes no sense because it's getting late in the generation. The PS2 had a hardware revision AFTER the PS3's launch. That must have made their heads explode if they have an issue with the PS3 revision now.

Electronics go through hardware revisions all the time as new technology comes out and they become cheaper and more efficient to produce. I can't believe we're seeing article after article complaining because Sony dared revise their hardware. The horror!

You'd think this was the first time we'd seen anyone revise their hardware without a change in price.

"The Super Slim is something which sounds great, but would have been better suited three or four years ago"
You mean shortly after the console came out? This guy really doesn't have the slightest clue, does he? Remember all, right under the "Read Full Story" link you can vote these nonsense articles up or down. We can't stop idiots from approving this nonsense, but at least we have a chance to blacklist sites that have no business commenting on things they clearly don't understand. It's the only way we can clean this site up.

Ak47Russia2303d ago


PS3 is doooooooooooooomeeeddddd!

enough is enough....

PurpHerbison2303d ago

Yeah... The PS3 really does need to be cheaper. Not that it isn't worth the current price tag... But it really would sell a hell of a lot better matched as the same price as that worthless 4GB 360 that isn't even worth it's own pricetag.

darthv722303d ago

looking at the official ps3 site it seems sony's prices are all pretty much the same. I'm seeing the 320 and 500 and with and without games for $299.99 MSRP. The exception is the 160 for $249.

So now with these newer ones, being priced at or maybe a little higher than the existing ones isnt that uncommon.

The entire PS3 pricing sku history has not been about lowing the price but giving the perception of getting more for that $$.

They were ramping up the hdd space but the price was staying pretty consistent. So they were basically trying to create more value for the same MSRP by way of adding other things they felt the consumer would be more interested in.

These newer units will likely get a real price drop but not until they see how well they do out of the gate. At least a good 3-6 months of sales data will help them determine what should be done.

It actually reminds me of when they released the psp go. So many changes (most notably the removal of umd but inclusion of 16gb storage) and it cost more than the psp at the time.

Sony was trying to justify the price by saying it offered a convenience in the size and simplicity of a full digital download system.

It could have worked if sony hadn't opened the digital games up to owners of previous psp units because by doing that, it pretty much negated the purchase of a go other than for the style.

This will get all figured out sooner rather than later.

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GribbleGrunger2304d ago

The PS3 no longer has a RRP. We'll see if it's not cheaper this Christmas.

tiffac0082303d ago

I think Sony will let the retailers do the deals this holiday but they won't lower the price of the PS3 until next year, probably the same time as the Vita but not before.

Sony is going for profit per console instead of quantity and hoping the software sales will off set the lost. I think at this point in time the later is more riskier than the former with the down trend in software sales and all that.

Neko_Mega2303d ago

It is cheaper if you do the math, Uncharted 3 bundle when it came out with the old slim was about $299 or alittle more. The super slim is $269.99, the problem is they aren't selling the system alone.

If it was sold alone, then it be even more cheaper. I don't get how people can say it isn't cheaper, they must of drop out of school or something.

Psychonaughty2303d ago

And bluray discs cost how many pence to manufacture?

josephayal2303d ago

uncharted 3 brand new $20, PS3 slim console $250 total $270 (PS3 Super slim uncharted 3 bundle $270)

violents2303d ago

its more expensive and only by like 20 dollars because it has a hdd thats twice the size of the previous slim, 4 times the size if you buy the 500 gig. You cant expect them to stick a 50 or 100 dollar hdd into them and just eat it right. Honestly most people want to upgrade the hdd anyway so really its just saving you the hassle of buying and installing a hdd and copying all your data over, blah blah blah, you know.

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TongkatAli2303d ago

Hey at least it has a lot more space for games and looks like it takes less power to play games. You know what is a pro ? You can play games on it and no one is putting a gun to your head to buy it.

Gridloc2303d ago

Third model, still no power brick...

DoomeDx2303d ago

Which is a good thing..

GamerElite2303d ago

I guess those people who disagree actually like those huge power bricks.

kamakaz3md2303d ago

just like my comment its a NEGATIVE (cause im sure people will disagree with me cause they always do) this is a terrible idea going into the holiday season not to mention cutting so many jobs... SONY dont have anything but games going into the holiday! People dont want just games they want hardware, M$ and nintendo are delivering! Thus is why sony is trailing behind, and wont sell any new consoles, except to the very little PS fanboys!

Insomnia_842303d ago

"M$ and nintendo are delivering"


violents2303d ago

they want hardware, M$ and nintendo are delivering

Really what hardware is MS delivering exactly because if im correct all they are offering for the holdiay was another halo and gears games.

GamerElite2303d ago

what hardware are you talking about?

if systems don't have any games to play on, why would people want hardware.

level 3602303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

As a gamer it sits just about halfway with all the bundle deals included for now.. come December we'll know the results if they ( Sony ) have succeeded but as a marketing strategy I'm sure it was meant to take some sales away from the new kid in the block - Nintendo's Wii U.

rainslacker2302d ago

I see this price point as Sony's way of competing directly with the Wii U this holiday. I have a feeling that Sony doesn't want to be seen as a low cost alternative, but rather a value added alternative. If the Wii U sells out this holiday, then the PS3 will be a system that people may consider...and you have to remember these are people that are already willing to spend $300 on a system.

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