United Mercs Crowned the Urgent Fury Dust Champion on Starhawk

After a grueling 12 weeks, we had 6 teams that entered into the Dust Championship. In the end a champion rose from among the ashes to be crowned the UF: Dust Champion for Starhawk on PlayStation 3.

More Tournaments to come

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ChronoJoe2218d ago

Nice job to the guys that won :) I know there were some tough teams participating.

r212218d ago

Congrats to United Mercs! Looking forward to more of these comps :D

urgentfury2218d ago

Thanks R21, we are only getting started

r212218d ago

Sweet, cant wait to see what you guys are planning :) 1.04 is coming out XD

VonBraunschweigg2218d ago

Is there some kind of spectatormode I don't know about or do you guys get some extra tools from LBI to film it this way?

urgentfury2218d ago

Von we have a special build that we use for broadcasting like this