Resident Evil 6: First Review Score Is In

NowGamer: The world's first Resident Evil 6 review score is in - but is it any good?

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DivineAssault 4311d ago

I wont be getting this game.. Borderlands is much better to me if the demo is anything to go by

thorstein4311d ago

And Borderlands (I assume you are talking of 2) received a 10/10 from PTOM.

zeeshan4311d ago (Edited 4311d ago )

I am sad, no scratch that. I am very, VERY sad to say that this will be the first major RE title that I won't be buying. It's just not the Resident Evil I grew up. I know things change but to see something losing it's very soul!? That hurts most of us, the old time Resident Evil fans :(

aaron58294310d ago (Edited 4310d ago )

just recently downloaded the demo with anticipation as i loved the co-op gameplay from RE5...

But... oh my.. RE6... sorry guys.. but meh...

It just feels like a 3rd person shooter, and the enemies are mutants...

antz11044310d ago

"This is arguably the best co-op game available on PS3 alongside Borderlands 2"

Wow, I kinda doubt that. Review lost some credit to me there. Sorry but pass.

ConstipatedGorilla4310d ago

I just played the demo. I don't see what everyone is so upset about. I grew up in the 80's and 90's and enjoyed the old Resident Evils too, but you all knew since RE4 that the series' gameplay had taken a turn and you're acting like it's some big surprise still. I think the demo was good for the type of game it's become and I'm looking forward to going through it. It's time to get over the fact that the old gameplay style is not coming back guys.

Parasyte4310d ago

For me, it's not so much the fact that the gameplay changed, I loved RE4, it's the story that has started turning me off.

RE4 was a great game with a good story, but RE5 was lack-luster at best.

RE6 just holds no appeal to me.

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dkgshiz4311d ago (Edited 4311d ago )

Well, those are two very different games. So....yep. Regardless RE6 to me is nothing more the purely an action shooter with zero horror. Japanese devs have been full of disappointments this gen. SE, Capcom....what have you been doing this gen? Stop destroying yourselves. I made a comment on an RE6 article on IGN a few days back. It was about RE6 being an action shooter rather then a horror game. So many anal pained COD children disagreed with me. Goes to show how gaming communities are these days.

strauser3604311d ago

It was probably because of how unoriginal your comment was. Anybody who cant see the obvious evolution of resident evil as a series must be blind or something.

Xalaris4311d ago

"Goes to show how gaming communities are these days".
Haha, nice. So you're saying N4G is some type of exceptional gaming community that should be taken into account? Why would you even care if people disagreed with you on some gaming site? Opinions are opinions dude, people here on N4G need to realize that most people don't give a sh** if you won't be picking up this game due to whatever lame reason or any hate that is inclined towards Capcom for "ruining" the evolving integrity of the series. I agree with you for the most part about Japanese game companies like Square destroying themselves, but the website comment was unwarranted and unoriginal.

AAWELLS094311d ago

Wait.....have you already played RE6?

morganfell4311d ago

The game becomes the movie which then becomes the game.

Dms20124310d ago (Edited 4310d ago )

Its because they (Japanese devs) have lost their identity in trying to follow western developers. The Japanese devs should have continued to evolve in their own manner with turn based RPG's and third person action, instead of shooters. But regardless, I will still purchase RE6, because the Leon portion of the demo did have a bit of RE DNA in it.

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MGS_fanatico_4311d ago

Nice twist on the Superman Returns reference there, haha! :)

moegooner884311d ago

I am surprised by the amount of people who comment just to hate on the game, i have always found Play UK magazine reviews trustworthy, so this just sealed the deal for me.

Lucretia4311d ago (Edited 4311d ago )

actually, usually more haters comment on games than fans.

they do it because they are gonna play it anyway but wanna seem Coooooooool cause they hate something awesome.

If anyone like Co-Op this game should NOT be skipped.

dennett3164311d ago

Why can't you people just accept that there are people who simply don't like the games that you like?
It's OK for us all not to like the same stuff...we're not doing it because it's cool to rag on a popular game, we're doing it because we genuinely don't like the damn thing.

Resi 4 was great. Resi 5 was Resi 4 with less imagination and a murkier colour pallet. Resi 6 is a game that might as well not be called Resident Evil any more. I played the demo, and it bored me to tears. Gears of War and Uncharted both do that kind of 3rd person action much better. It was horribly scripted, with obvious zombies sitting on the ground that you can shoot through, then you take another step, and suddenly the game decides they can be shot.
The pistol is weedy as hell - I know, it's just a pistol, but the basic pistol in Resi 4 and even 5 felt more powerful than this listless crap. The field of view is too narrow, which while creating a sense of claustrophobia, is making people feel motion sick. Finally, the lighting sucks. They're trying desperately hard to make it look atmospheric, but it's just ludicrously dark in some corners even when there's light sources nearby that should be stopping that happening. It's a cheap scare tactic, and it comes off as lame. Pitch black, take a step, suddenly able to see fine...that's just cheap.

Sorry I have a different opinion to you, but the game is simply not for me and will be gladly skipping it. It's generic, it's dull and it has no personality of it's own. Say what you will about a designer like Suda 51, at least his games have their own identity. Resident Evil 6 is so "Me too" it hurts.

GrahamGolden4311d ago

gears of horde awesome ?
oups sry i mean "RESIDENT EVIL"

where is the survival ?
where is the horror ?
where is the loneliness ?
where are the puzzles ?
where is the atmosphere ?

why i have an A.I 24/7 holding my hands tellin me what to do,when and how
why gazzilions of bullets in every single corner
why can u finish a lvl by just kicking
why the camera is stick to the hero @ss making it hard to see your surroundings
why the controls are so much horrible
why the game isnt scary anymore


Bathyj4311d ago

Yeah, maybe the ones complaining are fans too. Fans that feel the series has gone downhill, and dont like the direction.

Its a fair concern, and not really fair to just label people haters.

I can remember rushing to the shop after work to buy the original so I've been playing Resident Evil for a while. Its not my fault everything has to be an action game nowdays.

Carl_Shocker4311d ago (Edited 4311d ago )

Really and when did you start to become a RE Lucretia....Oh yeah like most people who call people "haters" for pointing out how crap RE6 looks, probably when Capcom ruined the series which then started to appeal to you.

Now that you like it, your trying to push old fans out and silence it.

Why don't you guys just go on at them to create a game like this in the form of a new IP and let them continue RE as a HORROR game, is it because RE is such a classic franchise that you sound retro or cool for now liking a classic franchise. Both fans will then be happy...problem solved.

XboxBoy4311d ago

Hahaha yeah kind of like when you hate on DmC. Yeah gotcha!

mt4311d ago


your post is intended for old school RE fan only . this generation of RE fans won't get what are you saying.

Digimortal4311d ago


Of course fans will, there are fans out there like myself who accept the direction the series has gone. Then again i don't play it for the gameplay, i play it for the story.

jeseth4310d ago

@ Dennett316

Why can't some people hold off on overly generic, stereotypical criticism until the game is out and people have actually played it.

The things you don't like and are critiquing could be easily said about any game prior to its release if you've played enough video games. Its like some of you people just love tearing games apart without even having played them. Kind of sad really.
Then, after you've indirectly insulted people that actually may like the game by acting like you are some divine judge of games and only play the most innovative and creative of games, you make it seem like its even their fault to question your holier than thou gaming status by saying " Why can't you people just accept that there are people who simply don't like the games that you like? " or " It's OK for us all not to like the same stuff...we're not doing it because it's cool to rag on a popular game, we're doing it because we genuinely don't like the damn thing. " ... and the game isn't out yet.

Then you make a statement like RE4 had a more colorful ... yeah color, not colour .... pallet (does using the term color pallet make you think you are more intelligent? To me it just makes you look like you are trying too hard to sound intelligent). DID you even play RE4 or 5? Or is this more generic crticism because RE4 was entirely Gray, Black, and Brown!!!! Except for the fancy purple outfits the gaurds had at the end. And when had the 9mm in RE ever been powerful? EVER? No, another piece of evidence you are just making crap up ... without head shots the 9mm takes forever to put enemies down in ALL RE games. Try again.

Then the things you complain about are what made original RE's scary and tense. Overly dark areas and poor sight lines. RE and RE2 were nothing but bad camera angles where you could only here your enemy but couldn't see a damn thing. Now in RE6 this is a problem?

Just say it, you hate just to hate. You don't like video games and just troll to whatever people will agree with.

Lucretia hits the nail on the head with his comment. If you don't like a game that hasn't even hit the shelves yet than good for you, cause you didn't even play it enough to really make up your own mind ... the media and the masses made it up for you. We don't care how much you want to pick apart something you havem't played and some of us are just tired of people using the internet to grandstand like some kind of gaming elitest ... games are supposed to be fun. Thats it. Thats all. Entertainment. Get over yourself.

Unlimax4310d ago (Edited 4310d ago )


What is the difference between criticism and hatred in your eyes ?

HiddenMission4310d ago

@jeseth and @Lucretia
You both are spot on after 2 decades of gaming and being apart of the online gaming community it's very clear that you are both spot on.

It really has become cool to hate anything that has any form of change or that is popular. This isn't just the loud mouth commentors it's the "press" and I use that term lightly for many of the big news outlets.

Ben_Grimm4310d ago (Edited 4310d ago )

I definitely agree with Lucretia and i SERIOUSLY agree with Jeseth.

Funny these people already hate a game that hasn't even been released yet. Or judging the whole thing on a demo.

"Resi 4 was great. Resi 5 was Resi 4 with less imagination and a murkier colour pallet."

I'm glad Jeseth called you out on this because I would seriously like to know what earlier RE was rich in colour and depth. Throughout all of RE5 was set in the daytime so I don't see where the murkier comes in.

Its funny that some people complain that a series hasn't changed enough then when it does change those fans complain it changed too much!

Now to play both sides, (hehehe)

I am dissapointed that the zombies (Las Plagas) are carrying weapons. I know it has something to do with the evolving story and how it was always Umbrella/Tricell intention to make super soldiers. But it does feel RE is succumbing to the popularity of modern military shooters.

Anyways I will still pick this up and play the sh*t out of it.