Six reasons Forza Horizon could be the best Forza yet

OXM writes: Whoever said racing games are "stuck in a rut" hasn't been paying enough attention to Forza Horizon. Down for release on 23rd October, Horizon is a radical departure from Forza tradition, helmed by Playground Games with input from numbered series developer Turn 10.

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Droid Control3194d ago

Its Forza in name only. It has more in common with test drive and PGR than the hardcore racing simulator.

Bloody M$, think they will sell more copies with the Forza brand attached to it. They're probably right...

FordGTGuy3194d ago

It uses the same physics and graphical engine as Forza Motorsport 4. It is also being co-developed with Turn-10 and has a evolution of features from Forza 4. It is a lot more Forza than just the name, they called it Forza because it's a spinoff of the Forza franchise.

It has way more common with Forza than PGR, PGR did not have the ability to be played like a sim or arcade game at the same time like Horizon does. This is why they call Horizon a action racing game because neither sim or arcade successfully define the game.

You will be able to play the game as raw as Forza Motorsport 4 can or you can play it almost as arcadey as PGR was in the same game in real time with other people.

jimbobwahey3194d ago

Is that why the framerate is chopped in half, the customization aspects have been butchered, the tuning has been gutted and the game is actually just a poor man's Need For Speed with the Forza name stamped on the box to try and get some extra sales from Turn 10 faithfuls who don't know any better?

The game looks abysmal, and if it wasn't for the name nobody would give a crap about it due to how terrible it looks.

Wait for Forza 5 instead. If you want a good open world racing game just grab NFS: Hot Pursuit or the upcoming Most Wanted. You're kidding yourself if you think Forza Horizon will be more realistic.

FordGTGuy3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

Ah look at all the fanboys disagreeing...

You can't say anything positive about Forza or any Xbox game on this site without receiving hate.


Apparently you haven't done any research on the game at all you can still customize, upgrade and tune vehicles but you can no longer do ultra fine tuning which is useless in a open world environment.

It's clear you are already at your opinion either due from ignorance or that you're just a fanboy or a combination of both.

You're a idiot if you think NFS will even come close to being as realistic as Horizon can be in the open world. Unlike NFS, Horizon is already running on a proven physics engine.

greenpowerz3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

How in the heck did you get so many disagrees? The devs call this an action racer not an arcade racer due to the expanded forza physics in a open world.

Are Sony fans making this claim because of open road vs being on tracks? Because the depth of forza proper is even deeper than other so called simulators, are they simulators simply because they use tracks?

Forza Horizon is a forza game not only in name but uses much of Forza proper's engine/technology/team effort.

Forza Horizon has not only forza's physics it has expanded physics hybrid with top developers from other devs allowing weather and offroad physics.

The first simulators were open world lol

jimbobwahey3194d ago Show
greenpowerz3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

You're a troll and other trolls are agreeing with ignorant hateful misinformation.

You don't know what you're talking about and base your opinion on lies and or ignorance


Dam this rabid foaming at the mouth fanboy fuc just doesn't get that no one cares about a fools opinion based on blind moron hate. Coming in here attacking fans for being caught trolling.

Go get your head checked

FordGTGuy3194d ago

I said "ultra fine tuning" is useless in a open world environment and it's true. In a track environment you can tune a car for what it will experience on that track but you cannot do so in a open world environment.

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Ak47Russia3194d ago

Its a Arcade racing with Arcade physics like NFS so its going to sell well...

FordGTGuy3194d ago

It's not officially considered arcade it's officially a action racing game.

Ak47Russia3194d ago

@FordGTGuy, Action racing game? well yea it is...

but the driving physics will be Arcade, i mean easy ans suitable for any gamer. Not Simulator like rFactor and GT5....

Lol @ the dislikes, Truth hurts, sensible fanboys....

FordGTGuy3194d ago

I like how you guys are basically arguing with the lead developer of Forza Horizon.

Watch the video I linked in this comment of the lead developer tell you the same as I have.

There is also a video where he confirms that even engine swapping is still in the game.

wane3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

Why are there so many trolls on this site?

ChunkyLover533194d ago

The game is being developed by the guys from Project Gotham Racing, that is reason enough for me. I've been waiting for a quality open world racer, and this one will feature Forza's second to none graphics and physics. Its an absolute day one buy, which is why I've had it pre-ordered for months now.

aviator1893194d ago

Oh, sweet. Even better, I didn't know that.

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