PlayStation Plus Update: Starhawk Campaign Free; Hell Yeah and Tokyo Jungle Discounts

Plus continues to get better and better with online game save storage increasing to 1GB last week as well as new details on Plus for PS Vita. Now its time for Starhawk’s single player campaign to join the Plus lineup of amazing free content for members. With this, and other great deals on new release titles, it’s easy to see why Plus members continue to enjoy the best deal in gaming. But enough talk, have at you!

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FunAndGun2308d ago

All Starhawk DLC FREE* for Plus!

*(included with subscription cost)


Ducky2308d ago

Which add-on content are they talking about?

I thought Starhawk's DLC was supposed to be free to begin with.

urgentfury2308d ago

Maps and Modes are free, all other content is paid like skins, paint, new buildings, vehicles, coop levels, etc

Ducky2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

^ Hmm, didn't they they had cosmetic DLC. If PS+ gives those for free, then I'm even happier.

At least now I'll look fashionable while I get pounded by the pros on tuesday.

BitbyDeath2308d ago

'includes every multiplayer skin, every vehicle paint scheme, the new Grizzly Exo-Rig and the Pod Cannon, even the game’s bombastic soundtrack; it’s all free for Plus members.'

Can't wait to try out the new pod cannon!

Irishguy952308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

Can't wait to finally try it too/ Loved Warhawk

HammadTheBeast2308d ago

It might be unfamiliar at first, but it really grows on you. Try going through the tips first, and make sure you play it like it's a new game.

abzdine2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

i love you Sony!! I can finally judge this game for myself..

BABYLEG2308d ago

That's why Sony's going broke.. they make games then have to give it away for free because you guys don't buy it in retail.

EmperorDalek2308d ago

Not really... The SP is terrible.

HammadTheBeast2308d ago

Multi player is amazing though.

EmperorDalek2308d ago

This is just the campaign... so he can't judge it because it was awful.

abzdine2307d ago

ok thanks for the info :)what is bad about it ?
I can at least get used to the controls before they release the online modes ?

yesmynameissumo2308d ago

I'm all over Starhawk like stink on a German hooker!

Snookies122308d ago

Such a graceful analogy and with a scholarly avatar to back it up. You sir are a gentleman!

showtimefolks2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

Please try starhawk it's a great game. The online is really strong it has a good size community so let's grow it by few hundred thousand at least.

Sinlgle player is a lot of fun, it has a very comic feel to it

What do you mean where is everyone. Every time I play the game I never have issues finding games. I hope this new online only price tag of $19.99 would do this game justice and help increase the overall community numbers by a lot.

I am very sad for developers because they made a great game and as usual Sony showed no interest in advertisement.

Single player IMO has a good story but mostly it's used to teach you what you gonna be doing in MP

CommonSenseGamer2308d ago

Single player was extremely average and would not be worth the asking price if sold separately. Starhawk is all about multiplayer, problem is where is everyone!


Theyre playing starhawk. People keep saying there is no one playing. But why is it when I go online there's a crap load of games. Alot of them full. Yeah there should be more. Its a great game if you can look past it not being a warhawk game. Its not warhawk its starhawk. Lets wait for warhawk 2.

vickers5002308d ago

I hope they do warhawk 2. I loved warhawk, I played it to death, but starhawk was just really disappointing to me, and I regret paying full price for it.

iamnsuperman2308d ago

Tokyo Jungle looks interesting and weird at the same time

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