Industry currently lacking originality? Can Wii U, Xbox 720 and PS4 help?

Do you all think the industry is lacking originality with its games? Next-generation consoles should help with that. The Wii U seems to have already started that process. What has to happen for more IP's to be introduced?

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DialgaMarine2308d ago

Originallity is such an arbitrary term these days. Just about everything, in terms of story and gameplay genre, has been done to death. The best thing that developers and publishers can do at this point is continue to push for more quality services and gameplay elements such as graphics and content. I get sick and tired of hearing the term "ripoff", because pretty much everything nowadays heavily borrow elements from past titles, or even books/ movies. Developers should just continue to compete for gamers' money through making higher quality products, while gamers themselves should look into more than just 1 or 2 franchises for their entertainment. That's what should happen with the next gen, but alas, it probably won't.

1upgamer992307d ago


LOGICWINS2307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

The PS4(Uncharted 4, GOW4, KZ4)/720(Halo 5, Forza 5, another Gears spinoff)/Wii U(the 700th Mario, Zelda rehash) will all be primarily sequel machines. Due to the tablet controller, however, I suspect the Wii U will offer the most innovative gaming experience of the three. The 720/PS4 will most likely just offer technical enhancements that allow potential for better presentation and production values...nothing that directly benefits gameplay.

Hisiru2307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

So youre saying Skyward Sword and Mario Galaxy are basically the same old games (which clearly isn't from a gameplay/visual/artstyle standpoint)?

Also, I saw a lot of improvements in Uncharted 3 (but UC2 is my favorite) and GOW3 and Naughty Dog is always bringing new IPS, if you think they are just gonna give us another Uncharted game, think again.

Halo 4 is clearly a much better looking game then the previous games.

Maybe we won't have originality in all those first party franchises, but we will have more incredible games next gen.

Also, originality doesn't need to come just from first party games, but Kaz Hirai already said he wants to focus on innovative ideas. Microsoft is going to give us things like VR/AR and Nintendo is doing a good job with the Gamepad. Rayman Legends and ZombiU feels like original games to me.

I am sure we can expect more originality next gen. Devs will have better systems to work with and new gameplay ideas.

LOGICWINS2307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

Of all the games you mentioned, the only one that looks 'original' to me is ZombieU. Every other sequel you mentioned plays the same as their predecessors despite visual enhancements and SOME new gameplay mechanics. ZombieU as a whole feels new to me to the point that I would consider buying a Wii U JUST to play it.

"I am sure we can expect more originality next gen. Devs will have better systems to work with and new gameplay ideas."

Thats what people were saying way back in the PS2/Xbox days about this gen. And what happened? This gen has proven to be the LEAST innovative gen in gaming. Last gen we had Psi Ops, ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, Okami, Dragon Quest, Psychonauts, Eternal Darkness, The Suffering etc.

The lack of original games this gen is so apparent that we're actually REBUYING original games from LAST generation to re-experience innovation(Okami, ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, Persona 3, Persona 4: The Golden etc.)

The success of yearly COD/AC/Madden sequels has made publishers/devs extremely sequel focused, money conscious, and weary of creating ANYTHING new.

Why would you think that the next gen will be ANY different?

hatsume-miku2307d ago

Knowing Sony, no... they will just copy the others...

LOGICWINS2307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

I have to agree with you in a sense. PSN itself owes it's existence to XBL. If it wasn't for XBL's fast growing popularity with Halo 1, Sony would have never taken the online space seriously.

Now with the Wii U, Sony tries to assert that a PS3 + PS Vita combo is "better" than a Wii U + tablet controller combo.

Sometimes Sony comes off as insecure, even though theres no need for them to do so. The PS3 still offers the best value of the big three consoles and arguably has the biggest variety of games.

Samus HD2307d ago

that's what sony does best . though they have some great exclusives, (Shadow of the colosus is on of my favourite of all times,) but since than they only are observing from nintendo (most)

1upgamer992307d ago

Well As brought up this week, Xbox 720 is 18 months away...PS4 more than likely 20 months away...(that's been stated more than once in the past month...lets face it Sony just started making money on PS3, and Xbox about 6 months before Sony...soooo You do the math. Are Microsoft and Sony going to keep putting out systems to LOSE money? Be a Fanboy all you want... do me a FAVOR GOOGLE how much MONEY Sony and Microsoft Have made on their Consoles...I wont do the work for you..I love my PS3, BUT Microsoft can we say,CRASH, Again and yet again MICROSOFT...PLEASE...give me a damn BREAK...SO I am playing your damn Game Halo, and guess what...NO GO....Like 10 hours into it..BAMN BITCH went down!!!!!!! Sony at least took a year,before failing. and NINTENDO NEVER FAILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bottom line...Lauch System NINTENDO for me!!!!!!!!!!

teabag-nation2307d ago

shut up DialgaMarine, you lack creative ability. anyway xbots n sony droids want plenty more similar military shooters because they love making EA and Activision rich. I bet theyre laughing their cocks off.

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