TVE's Most Anticipated Wii U Titles

The Vortex Effect: It’s because of that excitement, and to welcome Nintendo into the HD world, that we have this feature today. Five staff members listing their most anticipated Wii U titles, starting with the game they are most anticipated in. Since most of us are getting the deluxe version, we’ve left Nintendo Land off our lists. With the exception of one title, all games featured are Wii U launch window titles (and not necessarily Wii U exclusives). In addition to myself (Gary Smith, Editor-in-Chief) we also have Game Reviews Editor Brian Hall, News Editor Eric W., Content Editor Bryan Micklus, and Associate Editor “The Monkey.” Now lets get to it.

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GhostHero3332218d ago

1. Whatever metroid game comes out
2. Black ops 2
3. Super smash bros
4. Zombiu
5. Hopefully GTA V

claud32218d ago

A new Zelda game for most and a few brand new series being made