28 Killer New IPs for 2008

From Gameplayer... "For us to truly feel like we are in a new generation of gaming, we need to see original IPs that bring fresh faces, worlds, gameplay mechanics, and stories to our games libraries. It's like we're great explorers crossing oceans to discover fresh new lands. For the games listed below, we are the pioneers, witnessing a new generation of series take flight. 2008 will be defined by a lot more than GTAIV, MGS4 and a zillion Mario knock-offs!"

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Dr Pepper4327d ago

From what I've seen, I definitely would have put Project Offset over some of those (especially Army of Two).

khrisnifer4327d ago

Prototype looks crazy good - can't wait to play it.

MK_Red4327d ago

Prototype is indeed one to watch for.

As for Project Offset, I definitly agree that it is bigger than most of games on that list but there is no proof that it's a 2008.

resistance1004327d ago

InFamous, Littlebigplanet and HAZE top my New IP list.

Heavy Rain, White Knight Story, The agency and Alan wake also deserve mentions

cmrbe4327d ago

know if infamous is coming out this year? That is 1 IP i am really looking forward to seeing any news about

resistance1004327d ago

Well the trailer said release 2008. I suspect it will hit towards the end of the year.

And given the time that sucker punch have had to make it, im guessing it will be ready this year.

avacadosnorkel4327d ago

I bet Resistance 2 comes out before Infamous. And that's sad because then Insomniac will have released 3 dope games before Sucker Punch makes one. Same goes for Killzone 2. These studios should be ashamed of themselves.

cmrbe4327d ago

I am definitely getting all of them.

resistance1004327d ago

'These studios should be ashamed of themselves.'

I disagree, while it is amazing how fast Insominac are making games. You have to remember that Sucker Punch and Naughty Dog both work with them aswell and vice versa. sucker punch also just created PAIN.

Also how do you know that sucker punch have been working that long on the game? It was only annouced in 2007 so chances are they didn't start it until late 2006. For all we know they could have been working on things such as HOME in that time.

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Shaka2K64327d ago

I hope it drops in 2008.

avacadosnorkel4327d ago

Bunch of these games aren't making it out in 08. Heck, the first one they had listed, Sabatour, is a prime example. How can they release that when Pandemic studios has to finish Mercenaries 2 first...and that isn't supposed to be out until August now.

SlappingOysters4327d ago

Pandemic have multiple studios dude: they also now have plenty of new help in the form of big daddy EA.

I think a few of these games will slip into 2009 too, although at present there all 2008 babies.

For me its Borderlands, Spore and Haze that have me excited. Warhound looks sweet, although Chrome was a bit lame so...

TwissT4327d ago

Im looking forward for Infamous and Alan Wake and Too Human, they look interestig.

Grown Folks Talk4327d ago

need to look up disagree in the dictionary to see what it actually means. I guess they know what you're looking forward to better than you do.

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The story is too old to be commented.