The Morning Gamer 09/24/12

Kotaku, Gonintendo benefitting more from our work than we do

We’re up against the wall

Thanks for listening

Mega Mondays

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NYC_Gamer2214d ago

Keep up with the non bias point of view when it comes to the gaming culture

Jac5al2214d ago

Got to make sure you watermark all videos from now on.

ForRealz172214d ago

I clicked only because of the girl in the pic.

ballzdeep2214d ago

Im glad i wasnt the only one =)

solidt122214d ago

I listen to the morning gamer everyday. Tor Davis is a very underrated Journalist. I love all his work and will download this now.

the worst2213d ago

Tor Davis is full sh!t
he's a troll
hiphopgamer is better