Assassin's Creed 3 expertly reignites the series (new footage)

"Assassin’s Creed games may have lost their razor sharp edge over the last few games, but Ubisoft has had an ace up its sleeve whilst we’ve been ploughing through the series’ revelations. Assassin’s Creed III buries any doubts that the series is back to reclaim its action stealth gaming throne."

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1upgamer992214d ago

Wii U soooooo... much better!

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

sorry getting the pc version. I will play it at 1920x1200 (higher then 1080p) :) 2009 ftw!

But hey at least you get the awsome tablet!

BattleAxe2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

This series hasn't interested me much up until AC3. Looks like nothing else I've ever seen before. The setting of the first game looked cool, but it was apparently a mediocre game, and I wasn't interested in the Spanish setting of the other games. I'm not totally sure of all of the previous setting that this game has taken place in.