Xbox 360 Half life 2 Episode Two Images.

Valve Software reveals the first screens of Half-Life 2: Episode on Xbox 360. Half-Life 2: Episode Two will be accompanied by Portal, also presented on these images, but also by awaited TEAM Fortress 2: Brotherhood of Arms. The game is also coming to the PS3 and of course PC but these new screens are from the 360 version.

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The Snake5912d ago

This is going to be sweet. After watching the TGS Portal and TF2 trailers on Live, I'm almost more excited about them than the actual HL2 game, which no doubt will be pretty wicked.

ElementX5912d ago (Edited 5912d ago )

Half Life was one of my favorite games on PC. I bought Half Life 2 for PC and loved it! Even though I've played it on PC, I'm buying it for 360 because of the graphics overhaul and such. This series is one of the best ever. The scripted events in the games were fun to watch and I also enjoyed the wide variety of different weapons. The gravity gun? in Half Life 2 was awesome to play around with. You could pick up most objects on screen and throw them around the map and use them as projectiles to fight enemies. Man, I am looking forward to playing through HL2 again. Portal looks sweet, Episode 2 looks awesome from what I've seen in the trailer. Anything Half Life related is going to be good!