The Hype Machine: February's Top 4 Hyped Games

February offers a few more hyped games then January, so's Razak has narrowed it down to what he believes to be the most hyped games that also represent a variety of game types. There is plenty of hype swirling around our heads as we speak, so strap yourself in and get ready to ride the roller coaster of PR speak and doctored screenshots. This is The Hype Machine.

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Bazookajoe_834320d ago

Is lost oddesy on four dvd discs?

resistance1004320d ago

I believe so.

Its a shame, because its not actually that great of a game judging on early reports. I thought this could be 360's first truely great JRPG but its not, i guess i will look towards Ps3 for my first real next gen great RPG

TheWickedOne4320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

I hate to post my first "fanboy" type comment but that is one of the benefits of having Blu-Ray discs. Don't have to deal with multi discs. Not to says that is really a problem.

Lost Od. looks decent though. I probably would get it if it would have came out on PS3.

InMyOpinion4320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

I wonder what takes most time though, switching discs once every 10 hours or having to install the game for 20 mins? I bet I could swap 4 discs in less than 2 mins.

Not interested in Lost Odyssey. I think it looks kind of dated. It doesn't bring anything new to the table. And to be honest, I don't have time for games that take 50+ hours to complete.

games4fun4320d ago

"Lost Odyssey: Okay, not great. This is not Sakaguchi’s return to greatness. If you bought a 360 expecting JRPGs, consider yourself mildly retarded."

made me laugh

resistance1004320d ago

Well to be fair its true. I brought my 360 for shooters, and PS3 for RPGS/Racing.

Im yet to even consider an RPG on 360 (don't like western RPGS so mass effect is out of the question), whereas i already have FF13, White Knight Story and FFvs13 on Pre-order for PS3.

Still this year its looking like my 360 will be made redundant this year in the shooter department with Resistance 2, HAZE and Killzone 2. Compared with the fact i can't think of 1 exclusive shooter one 360 this year whcih appeals to me.

games4fun4320d ago

360 still has ninja gaiden and whatnot its just 08 is a better year for sony than ms the way it was better year for ms than sony in 07

angel6044320d ago

the best west rpg i love is oblivion hands down, i just find jrpgs better, but i got dmc4 and i say that its lived up, gotta say i had some doubts but im glad they were wrong

Bazookajoe_834319d ago

I didnt mean to emply anything bad about 360 and yes it goes faster to change discs. But i would personaly rather have a 20 minute install and not switch discs during gameplay.