PS Vita gets a $50 gift card at Target this week

XMNR: Target is offering up a $50 gift card with the Playstation Vita for the week of September 23, 2012 as part of Sony's promotional push for the handheld this holiday.

The retailer has no deals on individual games this week but it does have $50 off the 4GB Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle plus free Thor and Iron Man games to try and take advantage of the release of The Avengers to Blu-ray and DVD this week. This bundle appears to be sold out online already though and in-store quantities may be limited.

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guitarded772268d ago

I bought my Vita thinking it was just gonna be used on occasion when I had to travel and what not, but I've ended up playing it all the time. I take it with me everywhere, and even play it when I'm at home by my consoles and PC. Gravity Rush and LBP are must haves for anyone getting a Vita... both are brilliant.

Protagonist2267d ago

I bought my PSVITA at launch and I have almost not touched my PS3 since then.

Veneno2268d ago

I need to get me a Vita and this deal is totally tempting cause you can get a game or mem card with the gift card but i am adamant in waiting for a Vita redesign with a psp go form factor or similar slide smartphone factor.

shammgod2267d ago

This is a cool deal and would ultimately pay for a 16gb memory card. I decided to go with the white AC liberation vita, but would be all over this if not

3-4-52267d ago

The Vita is going to be good in a few years. It already is, but I mean once the games are there people will realize it's potential. It could actually have a really long life cycle once it gets enough games to make people switch over.

I'm definitely more a Nintendo Fan but I don't want to see any major game company fail or do bad. It's bad for the whole industry then.