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SHO writes: As you all may already know, yesterday Capcom released the Resident Evil 6 Public Demo on the PSN Store and Xbox Live Gold. I myself (from Brazil) was so anxious to get my hands on it that I even created a European PSN account just to play the demo. The demo consists of three campaigns. I will separate each campaign in three different paragraphs, because it is, really, three different styles of gameplay. Capcom wasn’t lying when they promised that!

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Lucretia2214d ago

Leons part was Absolutely fantastic......Im guessing the least liked part will be chris's lol

tigertron2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

I'm only getting this for Leon and Ada's campaigns (not forgetting Mercenaries). I think most people will agree that Chris' is terrible and is nothing at all like Resident Evil.

Lucretia2214d ago

yeaaaah, chris' was fun but def way too far from RE.

and yeah Leon and ada's ftw. I cant wait, me and fiance are drooling for the game!

and dont you ever forget the unlockable solo mode. Imagine Soloing on hard, now thats some real survival horror

GrahamGolden2214d ago

because jake street fighter horde mode is better ?
lol...its not resident evil anymore,they should change the title

claud32214d ago

Looks good. But is it good enough to bring the series back

DivineAssault 2214d ago

this series is butchered to me.. I dont care about the environments looking like crap compared to 5 but the game is pure action based now.. Mindless shooting w no puzzles & really arcadey.. After playing revelations on 3ds, i thought is was going in the right direction but i was wrong.. Maybe because i grew up on the originals, i dont like this play style.. To each his own

princejb1342214d ago

I hated the demo myself
I kept focusing my shots for the head only to find out that don't kill them fast enough
It took 3 to 5 head shots for them to die
Chris part was pure action game
Overall Leon's part was the most descent but it still wasn't scary

DivineAssault 2213d ago

ya, it seems like by keeping the level of visibility darker, that its supposed to be scary now.. Big eff up to me.. Ill rent it one day just to say i beat it but im not buying it like i planned.. Better games to look forward too so ill save the cash

claud32214d ago

The originals had it all atmosphere and proper zombies. Also they were scary

iNFAMOUZ12213d ago

leon part = amazing, they should focus on his campaign 100%, zombies looked amazing, chris n jake sucked

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