SISTAR’s Chronos Sword Pics Cause Quite A Stir

Korean girl group Sistar is getting a lot of mixed attention lately, especially with a photo for the game Chronos Sword that has surfaced online from when they first debuted. The girls were picked to endorse a video game and their looks are totally different from what they look like today.

Hyorin’s pic is the most shocking of all because she looks so masculine, sporting a short hair cut which shocked many fans. Since their debut the girls have matured very much and have grown into their music along with their looks. What do you guys think of the pic?

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DragonKnight2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

How did this get approved? The site is about k-pop, the article is hardly even about the game and mentions it in passing. This whole article is talking about how some k-pop singers look instead of the game and it's only a paragraph long.

**EDIT** The entire article is in the description and it was approved by an admin? Wow.

Lucretia2216d ago

yeeeeaaaaah, dunno why ur getting disagree's

but i guess its cause its still related to a game :/

DragonKnight2216d ago

Don't really care if people want to disagree with the truth. The article simply mentions the name of the game. There is NO mention about any other aspect of the game in any way, in fact the article probably didn't even need to mention the game at all and could have been built around "some k-pop singer was made to look like a dude in recent promotional ads" and would have been the exact same article.

I understand that k-pop is a current fad in the West, but it doesn't negate that this has absolutely no place on this site. What's the point of having site rules if an admin will approve this kind of story?

Lucretia2216d ago

yeeeah im confused as to why K-pop is booming all of a sudden, it came out of no where....guessing they got sick of j-pop? lol

Godmars2902216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

Blame Ellen for having this guy on her show in regards to K-pop's sudden popularity:

As for this bit of fluff, have to ask how long ago was it submitted? Did it come in on the usual 10-points or was it a 5-point pity approval?

Not even Han Solo can stop K-pop!

3-4-52216d ago

K-pop is booming because North Korea is finally letting their citizens experience life the way the rest of the world does....with some freedom.

It's a huge deal for N.Korea and thus Korea in general.