Why Torchlight 2 Is So Random

MMOsite writes: Whats up gamers im your host Zach Sharpes and im here with a very quick random event that happened last night on my personal character in Torchlight 2. This event was triggered by killing a monster in the world in a remote area away from quest waypoints. When I discovered this Phasey looking beast I destroyed it and a portal opened up. Once I entered the portal I was met with an event where I had to kill 4 Alchemists. Once they were downed, spiders flooded the area and I had to grab bottles of poison and close many spider nests while I had to make my way through 100s of spiders to eventually finish the objective. Once the nests were closed 4 bigger harder spiders appeared with more of the little ones, once they all died a chest appeared and tuns of loot flooded the area. CHA CHING! These random events are amazing, and truly are the reason Torchlight 2 is an amazing title for 20$.

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