Region Locked! Is Nintendo Losing It?

"The news hit me like freight train going 100 miles per hour and sent me into another realm, all in the hope in trying to possibly understand what is going on at Nintendo these days." -GamerRider

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Xwow20083724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

Nothing surprising Nintendo,s home consoles have always been region locked.

Stuart57563724d ago

I know, most consoles are region locked, only the PS3 is region free that I can think of, PS1 & 2 weren't region free, i'm pretty sure anyway. Either the author is trying to bash wii u or he's daft.

sikbeta3724d ago


Consoles and Portables.

gaffyh3724d ago

Even if it is region locked, it will still sell. I know it is annoying for a select group of people, but for the most part, gamers don't really purchase games from other territories. Although I'm glad that the PS3 is region-free because I was able to play GOW Collection and MGS HD collection much quicker because it came out in US/Canada months before it came to UK.

badz1493724d ago

those markets have their games so expensive, they make eBay's "Buy Now" option looks like a bargain! I was in Australia back then and region free PS3 is like a present from god!

Snookies123724d ago

The PSP and Vita aren't region locked either. Have to commend Sony on that if nothing else. I love having the option to import games if I want to.

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neogeo3724d ago

I'm ok as long as we get all the great JRPG's
If not I'm going to have to poke around inside.

DivineAssault 3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

-bub for bad language last time w a disagree on top.. lost a bubble huh?

Damn, that sucks man.. well maybe u will learn to keep those fingers in check when u feel like acting childish & learn to express your thoughts in a more mature manner.. Dont feel bad, i lost one too for talking mess to fans.. Kinda like u

fermcr3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

And yet another reason not to purchase the WiiU.

Any future console that's region locked, deserves to have very poor sales. I hope Sony continues with region free on the PS4 and Microsoft follows... region FREEEEEE FTW.

Highlife3724d ago

Really? Most people don't give a crap. I know I don't. I can't stand all that JRPG bull crap anyway. Plus this is a console that I will be getting for my kids who love the Mario and Nintedo character remakes year after year. Frankly I grew out of that awhile ago. Although it is nice to play some smash bros with them.

TenkoTAiLS3724d ago

Yup you certainly grew out of that. Right out of multiple Mario releases and into multiple CoD's, Halo's, God of Wars, Gears of Wars, Grand Thef Autos, Assassins Creeds etc

I'm not saying its bad, I love some of those games. But what your missing is a LOT of companies release sequels and in reasonably quick succession. The resin they do that is because the games SELL and LOTS of people but them.

They wouldn't make a new Mario every year if people stopped paying for them. If they are doing well, why would they stop? It's a hallmark of a popular franchise. If you don't personally like it then that's cool, but don't delude yourself into thinking Nintendo is the only one that goes overboard with sequels or multiple games in a franchise in quick succession, especially when they have said before the longer development main console 3D games are treated separately to the shorter development 2D games.

ElectricKaibutsu3723d ago

I totally agree, but I want a Wii U :-/

subtenko3724d ago

This is going to be a factor for some gamers though. The PS Vita isn't region locked and the Vita also works in conjunction with the PS3 (Maybe even PS4 too). I'd still be excited for the WiiU though.

Azurite3724d ago

Nintendo DS is region free, pretty much anyway.
But yeah, this move come as no surprise

krazykombatant3724d ago

The DS used to be region free then it changed with the newer models at they are now region locked. Although, some models that aren't locked can still read the games no prob.

Nada Nuff3724d ago

So since that's the way it's always been, that's the way it always should be?

Derpy3724d ago

Actually they weren't. I play imported games on my unmodded SNES all the time. On the SNES and N64 all you have to do to play imported games is remove some small plastic pegs in the cartridge slots. I think the GameCube is the first Nintendo home system with true coded in region lock.

SilentNegotiator3723d ago

But still disappointing.

Especially since we didn't get half of Wii's good games in the EU/US from 2010 beyond. They were just sitting there in Japan.

ElectricKaibutsu3723d ago

I own two Wiis. TWO Wiis. Is that not the most ridiculous thing you ever heard? I hate region locking. It affects a small minority of gamers but that minority gets absolutely screwed.

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NYC_Gamer3724d ago

Nintendo is protecting software and hardware sales in the different regions

Knight_Crawler3724d ago

I never saw this as a must have feature TBH as long as the console makers treats each region fair.

snp3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

That's the trouble though, they don't treat each region fair (if you take the word to mean equitably). Even aside from the price gouging, some regions get their games heavily delayed - if they come at all - or are only released in very small stock. Not having an international market to buy from is terrible.

Khordchange3724d ago

wow, is this the guy that would constantly say break the locks here on n4g?

FinalomegaS3724d ago

i know, i was actually looking for him to post...

Baka-akaB3724d ago

No surprise there . It's aggravating and only make sure i either import consoles and games , or wait for region unlocking via cracking and modchips (wich i hardly want) .

TongkatAli3724d ago

Region locking sucks, but whatever : /