EDGE Magazine November Scores Preview

EDGE Magazine November issue #246 is incoming. It’s one of the few quality print mags still being published so we sincerely hope you go and pick up a copy. presents a full scores and features preview so you know exactly what page to turn to first when it hits the shelves.

Cover Feature is Hawken. A free-to-play Mech action game for the PC that has attracted venture capital funding. There is also a look at Puppeteer – a seemingly Little Big Planet inspired platformer by Sony Japan Studio that features craft made characters.

+ Every EDGE hype preview and review score

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moegooner883190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

To the author please edit Tekken Tag Tournament 2 score, it's 7 not 2 !!

Mr Pumblechook3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

It's all better now!

DivineAssault 3190d ago

thats some BS.. That game is no 6.. They bash anything thats not wester developed

Knushwood Butt3190d ago

Edge is overpriced toilet paper

calibann3190d ago

Magazine doesn't give the game you've been anticipating all year a 10/10 ''OVERPRICED GARBAGE''

Magazine gives it a 10/10 ''ONLY HONEST MAGAZINE OUT THERE''

ab5olut10n3190d ago

I'm fairy certain Jay Sherman writes for them.