Borderlands 2 is the biggest launch of 2012 so far

Borderlands 2 from 2K Games has stormed to the top of the UK video game chart, becoming the best-selling launch week game of 2012 so far – beating previous leader Mass Effect 3 by over 4,000 copies.

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Captain Qwark 92214d ago

prob in US too, the game is doing very well. hell at any given time i have 2-10 friends playing it. havent seen a game that played on my list since prob skyrim last year

Thatguy-3102214d ago

I'm glad that it's already an established franchise like the likes of Assassin's Creed, COD etc. I remember before the first one came out a lot of people doubt that it would succeed but look at it now. Well deserve IMO.

d0nT wOrrY2214d ago

LOL @ disagrees!! I'm not hating here people wake up. I know the game is doing well but the title is misleading, that's all.

Jdoki2214d ago

That's impressive.

I'm glad it's doing well. It's an absolute blast and I'm really enjoying it.

Bathyj2214d ago

I cant believe I had to stop playing just to eat.

Perjoss2214d ago

When it comes to preparing for a major games release, you have a lot to learn my friend.

vortis2214d ago

Replacing your toilet with a bedpan is a must...
or bringing the television into the bathroom for the ultimate experience.

shadowwizard2214d ago

Well, FIFA is this week, so I guess it won't last for long. But good for Gearbox, shame I have to wait until tomorrow.

MasterD9192214d ago

It's a great game that released at a time that really allowed it to flourish and get as much attention as possible.

Plus, that's what the gaming industry gets for hoarding all of the major releases around the holiday season...What competition did Borderlands 2 even have at this point? None.