How Resident Evil 6 Happens

Gamasutra: Executive producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi has called the game "by far, the largest-scale production Capcom has ever embarked on". How do these developers deal with such a massive undertaking?

How would you do it? In this interview Kobayashi, producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, and director Eiichiro Sasaki discuss this task at length, describing how the game was developed using an entirely new production methodology for the studio, and how that lead to better results for the game and the satisfaction of its 150-member strong team of internal developers, which swells to a massive 600-plus when you include external contractors and outsourcing.

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abzdine2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

scr** you Hiroyuki Kobayashi

Eiichiro Sasaki: I think, for me, "surpass" means to create a new experience. So you want to create something new, something that you didn't do in Resident Evils 1 through 5.

--> And what if this type of experience exists other places for many years and is much better made in other game franchises ? People will just not buy your game you dumb ass. how can they have fun playing what i played in the demo ? Seriously this game is a low cost production and Capcom did nothing else than dig a grave for their RE franchise.

Lucretia2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

and if u think they demo was bad then u dont like good games. I played Leons part of the demo and it was VERY fun, far better than RE5, better than Deadspace even, Aiming, melee, and gameplay wise. even the demo was harder than Dead space 2 on hard.

again its preference but RE6 is a solid game, just because your a hater doesnt mean it sucks.

sure the old RE games were great puzzle games with Zombies that didnt need to be killed, just dodged like an obstacle, and sure all or most of the backtracking is gone, and the melee actually makes sense now, and the Aiming is actually good. Oh and i mean I know it must suck that the horrible camera angles are gone and that the story isnt as funny as it used to be in the first RE; But Re6 is still good.

My nostlagia loves RE1-code veronica, but going back and playing them again makes me wonder WTF.

you guys are just in love with the nostalgia and wont even admit the games were nothing more than a puzzle game back then.

sure RE4 was a great new direction and RE6 builds on that, But re4 had problems too, from low amount of enemy types, to freaking saving ashley over and over and OVER! just so when you finished the mission where she couldnt get kidnapped she would get kidnapped anyway!

[email protected]

Lol You Hate good games hahahaha (Fun little immature addition since you admitted it :D)

abzdine2312d ago

if RE6 is a good game then yes I HATE GOOD GAMES.

HiddenMission2312d ago


I have been saying this for months now. Too many users on here are living in the 90's still.

They're like the people you see still rocking the 80's hairstyles because they haven't really figured out that more than 2 decades have passed yet. Or it could be that they want to relive their childhood all over again.

Unlike many of the RE6 haters I've actually played the RE2 and RE4 within the past month and dear lord still not scare and the damn controls were HORRIBLE. It was like doing finger twister on the controller.

These gamers need to learn how to grow up and realize that franchises grow and evolve over time to stay modern. I firmly believe that true fans of any franchise know this and are the ones who support change and aren't left rocking a duck tail still...

2312d ago
fastNslowww2312d ago

And what a waste it is. How does one go from RE4 to RE6? Knowing the backlash and knowing the complaints. RE6 is literally unplayable game play-wise. The close up of the camera was designed to keep tension of not knowing what was around you? Capcom can't be fucking serious...everything is painfully broken, not to mention their mentality of the genre. The franchise needs a serious reboot.

tigertron2312d ago

The entire company needs a reboot.

HiddenMission2312d ago

I'll feed a troll every now and then so here goes.

If RE6's controls are broken go back and play RE2 and RE4 like right now then come talk to me because I did this past weekend and guess what...their terrible in the controls department.

The controls were a chore to learn a decade plus ago and seem even more horrible now since developers have learned to play test their products so that they control smoothly.

fastNslowww2311d ago

Using the word troll, because everyone else does...yet not knowing the meaning, priceless.

RE2/4's controls were NOT considered broken for it's of now, they're considered DATED, mainly because of the stop and shoot gameplay/camera...back in 1999 many games were using fixed camera's and the same style of gameplay, which was acceptable. Even NOW RE4 is rather enjoyable and perfect paced in terms of camera and movement, unlike RE6's horrid camera-close up and heavy movement, the game feels as if it is being played in slow mo at times, with NO sense of smooth movement/controlling, also due to the camera sensitivity and clunkiness. Play the demo then judge.

HiddenMission2311d ago

Your funny haha i know what a troll is silly you dont

Played the demo on ps3 and it controls smooth so does the camera so i guess you should take your own advice play the demo.

Really i played both of thosr games when they came out and just the other day and they still arent smooth.

computeSci2312d ago

Thank god for Shinji Mikami "Project Zwei". When that game sells millions it should shut CAPCOM up about their lame comment "there's no market for survival horror ". Thank you Resident Evil creator Shinji. Thank you.

Lucretia2312d ago

but there isnt any competition, Deadspace is easy and not scary, silent hill isnt even fun anymore, and well, at the moment, theres just those games and RE6 lol.

MrRedfield2172312d ago

What are you kidding me? I like where capcom is going with the series, I'm not a nostalgic resident evil fan, but I have playyed and completed most of the major RE games and found them boring (gameplay wise and camera angles), the stupid camera angles or also known as the classic RE cam made the games so f*cking boring, and people actually think they were "survival horror" games?! WOW, so many pussies-Dont even mention, "did you play it at midnight, loud surround sound, lights off" coz none of that phased me at all! You can almost finish the old school RE games without so much as killing 80% of the zombies that were on screen- you could run around them! The only good thing was the atmosphere but then running around the zombies just killed it- Whats the fun in that?. I do give credit for capcom for going the direction of the TPS shooters for I only liked RE4, cv & 5 because of the action elements and that there are smarter enemies and different virus driving zombies/ enemies (J'avo and Majini), not only that but I only have been playing the RE games because of the story, its not perfect but I really look forward to what is to be unraveled in RE6, especially with Chris and Leon not to mention what the story is with wesker jr. Even though the old school fans are lost, at least they'll pick up even more new comers, but this is just my opinion, so ya'll can click the disagree button for all I care :)

computeSci2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )


It's ok. Shinji Mikami, the Resident Evil creator... is giving us real survivor horror. No offence but you sound like an action-oriented COD junkie. Nothing wrong with that. Just saying. At least least RE: Revelations is a step in the right direction. Jill's sections are classic RE bliss.

MrRedfield2172312d ago

hmmm,no Im more of the TPS shooter, I suck at FPS lol, and yeah, I havent got a 3ds, but revelations looks awesome too...

DanielForth2311d ago

How it happens? They don't wanna lose they're jobs, so they make similar products to get similar numbers.