Platinum Games in talks with western publishers over future projects

"Perhaps [SEGA] did not realise how good our games were," says Bayonetta dev.

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Reibooi2267d ago

As would I. Very underrated game in my opinion.

zgoldenlionz2267d ago

Vanquish was so awesome! I'd buy V2 day 1.

Ultr2267d ago

HELL YEAH!! one of my most loved games this generation!

gamer78042267d ago

Very interesting, i thought bayonetta couldn't have been made without nintendo...

Truth reveals itself here. Lots of western publishers who would have made it happen.

Baka-akaB2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

where do you even see a hint of that ? All it says is that plenty publishers wants to works with them on action titles , not that they want bayonetta itself .

If anything most would likely ask them to reboot a once popular action franchise for them .

At least that's what i'd do if i had say the Turricane franchise lying around or Strider or Shinobi . I'd say no to Bayo2 but yes to a potential reboot of my franchises .

gamer78042267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

So no western developers would be interested in their flagship IP... Right. it's pretty clear Nintendo snatched it up so the western developers are fighting over leftover Ips.

It's pretty clear platinum could have went with another publisher they just decided on Nintendo for the obvious benefits.

They won't mention ips or western publishers names cause it's not finalized yet.

Baka-akaB2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

There is nothing clear here only your assumption (and mine) .

As a talented developper with known stars from the business , it's no stretch to think they'd wan a new ip from them , or give them the rein over some older ip .

You have a pretty clear case here with Konami and MG Rising . And a far less talented studio like Ninja theory had the same thing happening so far

Finally i doubt they would fight so much over IP everyone except the fans considered failure in sales .

wishingW3L2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Nintendo has Bayonetta 2 locked down which was their best IP so what can they possibly offer to us now? I want Bayonetta 2 tough but I'm not buying another Nintendo console because I didn't like the N64, GC and let's not even talk about the Wii. Nes and Snes were the only Nintendo consoles that I liked and those are from like 20 years ago. I just don't like Nintendo anymore nor their games. =/

I_am_Batman2267d ago

I don't really like Nintendo's past consoles either but I do like some of the games only playable on those consoles. And now that Nintendo is getting more exclusive hardcore games (at least it looks like they do) I probably will have to buy a Wii-U at some point. Good thing is that it'll be backwards compatible.

cleft52267d ago

It definitely looks like hardcore gamers will not be able to ignore the WiiU now. The Bayonetta publishing move and the Monster Hunter deal makes it clear that Nintendo is trying to regain it's dominance amongst hardcore gamers now. I don't think they will ever surpass Microsoft and Sony in the hardcore games department but they don't have too. All they need to do is secure a few titles that tugs at the hearts of hardcore gamers. People can say what they want, I will be playing Bayonetta 2.

Nintendo made a lot of money, so it's going to be interesting how they choose to spend it because it's clear that they plan to make some power plays. I don't see them securing an IP like GTA5, it would just cost too much, but their are a lot of other hardcore games that we all want to play that Nintendo could secure for a low cost. Sadly, a lot of gaming companies are in bad shape so no one is going to eagerly refuse money from Nintendo. For example, Nintendo could buy the Darksiders franchise from THQ. No way THQ, in their current financial state, could just ignore the amount of money Nintendo would throw at them for that series.

ZeroChaos2267d ago

So much arrogance from them the past few days.

cleft52267d ago

True, but they can back up their talk with amazing game after amazing game. Unlike David Jaffe, David Cage, Jade Raymond, or Peter Molyneux. These guys are the real deal and they are enjoying the spotlight a bit. Considering the death threats they got for making Bayonetta 2 for the WiiU, let them enjoy the spotlight for a bit.

DivineAssault 2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Platinum games may be using Nintendo to get more experience.. If they learn some dev techniques from them & ditch em for nx gen, it may help make their games better.. Of course thats not factual but its happened with many dev teams before.. Watch Bayonetta 3- whatever else they make go to other consoles.. Unless it finds massive success on wii u, that series will return where it was born..