Next-gen consoles will be the last - Nvidia

Phil Eisler, the general manager of GeForce Grid Cloud Gaming at Nvidia, says he agrees with the notion that the next generation of consoles could be the last.

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vega2752215d ago

I honestly hope not. After experiencing the BS from valve holding my games for ransom to sign their ToS or lose 161 games I own. I have no desire to jump on cloud gaming what so ever.

iamnsuperman2215d ago

It makes sense to have a cloud based system both from a consumer and manufacoring point of view. However I agree it does give more power to the companies to pull moves like this

turgore2214d ago

I hope not cloud gaming, but any laptop might be strong enough to run an (almost) photorealistic game.

BattleAxe2214d ago

Streaming games takes up a huge amount of bandwidth, and I think that once people start to pass their bandwidth caps and end up paying huge money for every gigabyte that you go over, cloud gaming won't be a viable option for most people.

I'm excited about Sony's GaiKai purchase, but bandwidth is going to be what stands in the way of mass market adoption. I think that there will still be consoles beyond the next generation, even if they resemble a PC rather than a traditional console.

rainslacker2214d ago

That move should have been a wake up call to the whole community to see that DD needs a lot more work before it becomes the main standard in gaming. I personally have nothing against DD whatsoever, but there are some serious issues that need to be addressed before the whole industry moves onto it.

This is what really annoys me about these articles, and the pubs/devs/hardware manufacturers making these statements. They keep assuming that the community as a whole is just going to accept it. Never once do they really address the truly valid concerns that come up from a DD only model. They really do just keep repeating it hoping the general public will start demanding it.

It's not to say that DD won't have a much bigger market share in the future, but there are still way too many issues to work out. Because of that DD will just be another option, but physical media will still be around for quite some time.

DeadlyFire2214d ago

I call BS from NVIDIA.

No matter what happens we will have at least two more generations. Disc drives are not going to disappear overnight.

Cloud is great idea yeah, but its not here yet as a mainstream way to do anything and lag is always been an issue with games. Can't fix it with a cloud.

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Kennytaur2215d ago

Sounds like somebody's upset they didn't get to develop hardware for the next gen consoles... :-P

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

Yeah! he is upset to right??

Consoles are what? A service in a box.
Since console makers like to stay relevant and follow trends now I can see console games being anywhere in the future.

just some baby steps.

decrypt2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

They arent upset, infact Consoles are slowing the industry down. Its AMD that needs to grow a pack of balls and give the middle finger to console makers.

The amount of chips that are sold to console makers arent that many when you think of it.

Every year about 15million PS3s are sold and simular amount of Xbox consoles are sold.

Now if you consider Nvidia and AMD each get only 15million chips each from the console makers every year. Thats not a whole lot.

In return what happens is that, games are then developed with consoles in mind which means old tech. This causes a problem where not many PC gamers have to upgrade their PCs to play those games, since they are designed for old console hardware.

Not only do PC gamers not have to upgrade their GPUs, they also can forgo upgrading Motherboards, Ram, CPUs etc. AMD being a producer of all those parts losses out on those sales for the piddly amount of chips they sell to the console makers.

Previously when games actually used to be designed around new PC hardware, PC gamers actually need to upgrade every 2 years to keep up with the games. This is no longer the case. A 5 year old GPU like the 8800GTX can still play most of todays games in 1080p(this was never possible in the past).

Essentially what AMD and Nvidia do by supporting consoles is kill their product cycles. Console gamers who buy a console wont be buying another console until it goes bust be it 3,4,5-7 how many ever years. PC gamers who used to upgrade every 2 years no longer upgrade cause their is no reason to, games designed for old hardware dont need new hardware.

Hence overall its a loss loss situation, personally i am glad Nvidia is out of it.

wishingW3L2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

dude, you're crazy.

PC gaming is huge but is mostly due to social games, indie games and MMO and these can run even on a netbook. And the other thing is that Nvdia and AMD make a range of GPU's that go from low-end to high-end and these days most laptops (that aren't netbook) come equipped with one of these. So even if 1337 PC gamers aren't buying their $600 top of the line GPU's AMD and Nvida are still making tons of money from the average consumer buying a Dell XPS, Asus Ultrabooks, etc. and that's why your argument is pure bullcrap.

And the same with the Motherboards, Ram, CPUs. Or do you think that when people buy a new PC they come with no Motherboards, Ram or CPUs? lol

T9002214d ago


I am sure a lot of people are playing Social games over at Steam /s

There are millions of people online on Steam. Check the Steam stats most of them have DX 10 or DX 11 Spec GPUs. If games really dont need new hardware why should those users upgrade? Like it or not that is lost sale for both AMD and Nvidia.

As Decrypt mentioned its not only GPU sales that gets compromised, every other component in the PC does not need an upgrade.

RyuStrife2214d ago

Of the 54 Million Active Steam users, - http://store.steampowered.c... - the top graphics card is actually an Intel HD 3000, an iGPU. The top DX11 GPU is the 560 Ti. WishingW3L is correct on this.

T9002214d ago


You do realise thats because many Cpus now a days come built in with HD3000 graphics. Where as the Gpus sold by AMD and Nvidia compromise of many different variations.

Hence when you will combine all the different GPUs sold by Nvidia or AMD it will far outpace the ones represented by Intel on Steam.

Nearly 50% GPUs as per Steam stats are DX11
Near 43% are DX10

Id say those are solid figures.

RyuStrife2214d ago

The idea is that being DX11 or 10 capable means absolutely nothing. If there isn't enough processing power, it's still not what we would want to use for high end gaming computing.

What steam just show is that many users are using gpus from integrated gpus to midrange vs high ends. That's where the most profit is made for AMD/Nvidia/intel. The average users dont buy high end gpus. In fact, intel HD 4000 is DX11 capable.

Of the 54mil, half is DX10/11 capable. That's 27mil. How come we don't see high end games on steam selling 13.5 mil only through steam? Source games are probably the most sold games on steam, and the engine itself is a DX9 and OpenGL engine.

Low to midrange gpus are plenty enough for many of the games on steam. DX10/11/12 features will come, but that doesnt mean low-midrange gpu will stop selling. That's the whole point of this discussion. Gtx 650 is DX11 capable, but I wouldn't say the gpu is high end.

Skynetone2214d ago

decrypt 15 million sales a year is no small amount, and its probably more like 26 million, rumor has it both ps4/720 are going with amd

what you dont take into account is if amd dont supply the chips, somebody else will, so why give away business for no good reason

DeadlyFire2214d ago

While this might be true they still shift a hefty number of PC parts every year. Its up there quite a bit closer to console sales than most believe.

As far as Intel Integrated goes. Intel is upping their game up with GPU tech. Said to feature up to 1 Tflop in its Haswell line-up. All integrated works alongside any AMD/NVIDIA graphics cards out there. So in a way this only relates to how many people that bought an Intel PC recently with the integrated tech in it. There is quite a bit of them out there.

I do agree with the need to upgrade going down a bit in most cases. Microsoft is a key component in this. As porting from the X360 is easier than ever today and the next version of Windows welcomes the next console to port directly to it for a long time as well. Sure yes the PC developers have the option of doing their own thing with even DirectX new version out there from Microsoft, but console developers see this as a cheap and easy way to shift a game directly to the PC so they do it. In a very closed in environment compared to any game built from scratch on the PC.

Microsoft could even lock new generations of DirectX into their Windows cycle in the future. Its the path I believe they will be taking seeing Xbox Live in Windows 8, but that is up to them.

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ATi_Elite2215d ago

I said the same thing and got called all kinds of nasty names!

Now that Nvidia is saying it I wonder how people will react!

Too much money is wasted in R & D, Manufacturing, and warranty repair of consoles for the first 3 or 4 years to warrant making them when you have great tools like the Cloud or PC that Sony/MS can use to have their own community of games/gamers.

also Nvidia is selling Gpu's and it's Tegra 2 chip like Hot cakes. Nvidia can careless about the console market as they make big money else where.

AMD needs to sell as many GPU's as possible cause it's CPu division is getting smacked around so the console market is a big plus for them.

Agent_hitman2214d ago

Nvidia is daydreaming......... Blah blah

LAZL0-Panaflex2214d ago

Yeah you keep waiting for xbox 720 and ps4 and getting upgrades every 8-9 years. I'll stream games that have constantly upgraded graphics from their servers and let THEM pay for the upgraded hardware.

hiredhelp2214d ago

ATi off topic is that last months magazine on your avatar or this months m8

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