'Angry Birds Trilogy' achievement takes 300 hours to unlock

Angry Birds Trilogy will feature an achievement that will take 300 hours to complete, Rovio has revealed.

The challenge will see players clear each stage - around 700 in total - with 100% destruction using the Mighty Eagle.

"I'd love to meet the guy who does that first, I'm just totally going to congratulate them," said executive producer Kalle Kaivola at a press event.

It was added that it will take players an "average" of 30 hours to simply complete play through every stage, and 100 hours to complete them with a three-star ranking.

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Dark_Overlord2241d ago (Edited 2241d ago )

"100 hours to complete them with a three-star ranking"

Really? Took me far less time than that to do it on the PC

And they only cost about £1 each for each game, not the stupid price you're charging Acti