More from Activision's conference call: New CoD, James Bond game

Here are some more highlights from Activision's conference call with financial analysts earlier today:

- As expected a new Call of Duty game is due for release in the 2009 fiscal year (again most likely this fall). No other details were revealed except that PS2 and Wii platforms will join the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC platforms for the next game in the shooter series.

- As usual for Activision, the company will not release any new games for the current fiscal quarter that ends on March 31. The next quarter will see the release of the game based on Dreamworks's CGI movie Kung Fu Panda along with more downloadable content for Guitar Hero III and Call of Duty 4. The company will also release games later in the year based on another Dreamworks CGI movie Madagascar II.

- The James Bond game is still due for release this fall, around the time of the new movie's release. No other details on the game were announced.

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Confirmed: COD5 to suck... They will even make something possible to get a version on last gen... ¬¬'

meepmoopmeep4324d ago

no infinity ward no my 60 dolla

HeartlesskizZ4324d ago

Madagascar2? OMG the first one was very funny now a second one? wow looking forward for that movie =D

BloodySinner4324d ago

I am definitely not buying COD5.

i Shank u4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

ill say im not buying COD5 because im against the sequel-whorage, but then if i play it and like it i dont wanna have to eat my words. eating words, wow that would suck

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