Top 10 Most Wanted Games of 2008

If you thought 2007 was a kick-ass year for playing video games, you were right. And guess what? Things aren't going to slow down in 2008. The year 2007 saw numerous delays of major titles, and all those bad boys are coming out in 2008. We're counting down our 10 most wanted games of the year. For a game to have been considered in our top 10, it must be a console/handheld game, officially announced and set with a release date for 2008 in North America. Without further ado, grab a bag of popcorn and join us as we count down to the most wanted game of 2008.

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Shaka2K64321d ago

Though Uncharted is one of the best games i played in years and nobody can deny it was the best game of 2007 GOTY.

in 2008 MGS4 alone destroys any game in 2007.

2007 is overated and 2008 has better AAA games.

bozobucketeer4321d ago

A lot of people deny Uncharted as GOTY. Most of the awards went to Mario or Bioshock. But you are right in that 2008's lineup seems a lot better, but those games aren't out yet. So we still have to hope they live up to their hype and deliver before 08 beats 07.

caffman4321d ago

for me its a toss up between Bioshock and COD4!

ravinash4320d ago

I love Uncharted, COD4 and bioshock.
But i have killed the most hours playing COD4....I can see my self going back to uncharted later...Oh, I'd say COD4 by a nose.

incogneato4321d ago

fable 2, mario kart wii, fallout 3, and street fighter 4 should definitely not be on this list.

not when games like socom, gran turismo, resistance 2, final fantasy xiii, and more are coming out.

4321d ago
incogneato4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

whats fanboyish about saying 3 multiplatform titles arent good enough?

bozobucketeer4321d ago

The part when you said 4 sony exclusives were.

eLiNeS4321d ago

and you will have a list!

moparful994321d ago

You're a douche bag, you go in the game zone and troll for a comment that you can bash and you call him a fanboy? Dude grow a pair and get over yourself

eLiNeS4320d ago

full of PofS3 fandroids that sux each other every sec of the day.

At least I know where to comment dip Sh!t!!!

Black_Jack4321d ago

hmm final fantasy XIII should be there, and what about res evil 5? i agree wih fable 2 looks good

p.s. elines take yourself and your pathetic pic to the open zone, this is for discussion related to the list.

avacadosnorkel4321d ago

I wish Final Fatnasy would come out this year, but I doubt it.

bozobucketeer4321d ago

Maybe when Final Fantasy and Resident Evil are announced for 08 they'll be on an 08 list. Until then, maybe an 09 list.

clevernickname4321d ago

FF should be on the list when they actually release a FF game and not what amounts to an interactive DVD.

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The story is too old to be commented.