Under the Radar: Tiger Electronics Net Jet [Thunderbolt]

According to many insiders, cloud gaming will eventually replace physical media as the means of delivering gaming goodness to our consoles and PCs and I would be remiss were I to suggest there aren’t some benefits to this. For one, a lack of cartridges or discs generally means less clutter/more shelf space on the entertainment center. Another benefit is that when the actual task of processing takes place within a company’s server rather than in the hardware itself, consoles can be much more compact and cost far less to manufacture. Such was the logic behind Tiger Electronics’ most recent game system, 2007’s Net Jet. Though technically not entirely cloud based, the Net Jet is a relatively unknown gaming hub that picked and chose from several popular video game marketing models to deliver an all-ages-friendly gaming experience. The hardware itself consists of a proprietary USB-cabled 7-button controller (with both a digital directional pad and analog stick) and a top-loading “game key” slot...

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