Microsoft Discloses Zune Pricing, Ship Date

Microsoft announced the price of its Zune digital media player, which will launch on Nov. 14 at about the same price as a comparable Apple iPod.

The Zune, which contains 30-Gbytes of hard-disk-based storage, will cost $249.99, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft also announced pricing for its Zune music store, which will cost 79 "points" per track and $14.99 per month for an unlimited subscription. Like Microsoft's Xbox Marketplace, consumers will be able to buy Microsoft Points for an undisclosed price and spend them on content, at a current rate of about 80 cents per 100 points.

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Marriot VP5905d ago

WOW, 250 for a first gen player, That's great.

I was worried it would be 300, but 250 may just be in my budget. Batterie's decent, screen rocks, most video formats supported, 30gb is just right.

And don't think I hate the Ipod, I just never bothered. But now I could really use one. This competition is gonna drive prices down for sure.