Microsoft Discloses Zune Pricing, Ship Date

Microsoft announced the price of its Zune digital media player, which will launch on Nov. 14 at about the same price as a comparable Apple iPod.

The Zune, which contains 30-Gbytes of hard-disk-based storage, will cost $249.99, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft also announced pricing for its Zune music store, which will cost 79 "points" per track and $14.99 per month for an unlimited subscription. Like Microsoft's Xbox Marketplace, consumers will be able to buy Microsoft Points for an undisclosed price and spend them on content, at a current rate of about 80 cents per 100 points.

Marriot VP6364d ago

WOW, 250 for a first gen player, That's great.

I was worried it would be 300, but 250 may just be in my budget. Batterie's decent, screen rocks, most video formats supported, 30gb is just right.

And don't think I hate the Ipod, I just never bothered. But now I could really use one. This competition is gonna drive prices down for sure.


EA Sports WRC Crashing Due to Leap Year; Here's How to Fix

EA Sports WRC seems to crash on start up and it's all due to today being a Leap Year with February having more days than usual.


Definitely don’t start your Final Fantasy VII experience with Rebirth

Start at the beginning.

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Inverno5h ago

Well that's how it should be, but too many now buy sequels rather than starting at the beginning. That's why more sequels now have no mention of the previous game.

SDuck4h ago

I already used to do that back in the day. Bought both God of War 2 and FFXIII-2 without knowing anything about their prequels

jeromeface4h ago

Too many people need to be told this anymore... it really blows my mind.

GoodGuy093h ago

Square didn't name it Remake 2 to maximize sales anyways lol

jznrpg3h ago

Yes play the first game it’s really good

SegaSaturn6692h ago

The first game was so bad i couldn't finish it. Endless fetching, nonsense additions, etc. Cool visualization of Midgar, but it's all filler.

Snookies121h ago

"Endless fetching" - Don't do the side quests then, they do kind of suck.
"nonsense additions" - Most of the additions are actually very welcome to some parts that NEEDED fleshing out.
"it's all filler" - That isn't even the least bit true...

There were some lacking moments in Remake, and some odd choices at times I'll give you that. Trying to say the game was "bad" though is very far off the mark. It's a fantastic game.

Rebel_Scum2h ago

Yeah hard disagree on this. If you skip remake you wont miss out on anything. The story truly kicks off when you leave Midgar.

Snookies121h ago

The heck do you mean? You will miss out on EVERYTHING if you skipped Remake, lol. Who the hell goes into a story driven series without playing the first part of it? There's absolutely no point in jumping on mid-way through something like that. You'd have no context for any characters or their relationships, nor their goals or plot of the series as a whole.

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"CRSED: F.O.A.D." has just released its “Cuisine Royale'' content update

"The Russia-based indie games publisher/developer Gaijin Entertainment and indie games studio Darkflow Software today announced with great excitement and delight that they have just released the “Cuisine Royale” content update for their brutal online shooter “CRSED: F.O.A.D.”. " - Jonas Ek, TGG.