Wii U makes Toys R Us top 50 list, mainstream media makes gamers facepalm

Will video games ever get the respect they deserve from the mainstream media or will they always be the Rodney Dangerfields of the entertainment industry?

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LX-General-Kaos2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

I am happy to see the latest Nintendo home console honored and placed within the Toys R Us top 50 list. Showing that Nintendos brand name is as strong as ever, completely ready to compete within the next generation of Elite gaming. Though this comes to no surprise as Nintendo holds close an arsenal of exclusive offerings and characters that can only be rivaled by the very best of Walt Disney film.

As far as gamers and the media concerned. I am quite sure that outside of some of the internet's hardcore and more vocal websites. Not too many gamers or really anyone else cares too much of what the media has to say. I have personally read quite a few ambush journalism articles aimed directly toward the face of the Nintendo product line as of late. The result of that is the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system being sold out worldwide.

In the eye of the typical Nintendo hater, and people who simply dislike games all together. Especially the media. Nintendo and other competing forces in the gaming industry will always be looked at as the Rodney Dangerfields of the entertainment industry.

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LX-General-Kaos2218d ago

Thank you for the support good sir. And thank you for supporting the Nintendo product line.

iamnsuperman2218d ago

"would hardly be called a two screen gaming console" to the average consumer it is though. ou use both screen to play some games

Nutsack2218d ago

lol Nintendo just put a cap on the pre order consoles for about 200k to 400k for NA, and then have the shops say 'we sold out' well duh. If you have a low stock sure you sell out.

Nice marketing, yet the system stays just a WiiUpgrade to current gen, not next gen.

SonyNGP2218d ago

That won't stop it from offering awesome games :3

Salamander2218d ago

Whatever helps you sleeps at night, not that i think you are wrong or right. I actually think it might help you rest easy if you thought that way. I could actually imagine you having a stroke, should Nintendo do something right. WiiU is curent gen.. Nintendo is shit.. Nintendo has only 4 consoles on preorder.. counting.. bullets.. Nintendo.. doom.. martyr.. Nintendo.. sleepy.. zzzzzzzz.

Rest easy dippo.

Rockoman162217d ago

Just like the "ps4' will be an upgrade of ps3 right?!, stop trolling, you just make yourself look like a jerk