Activision Projects 2008 Hardware Sales

During its Q3 2008 earnings release conference call, Activision discussed its hardware sales estimates for the 2008 calendar year in North America. The projections are roughly in line with those of competitor EA, though Activision sees the Xbox 360 outselling the PS3 rather than running neck and neck.

The ranges given were 4-5 million units sold for Xbox 360 and 3-4 million for PS3. Still, Activision predicts the Wii to outsell both of its competitors by a substantial margin with greater than 6 million units shifted at retail. Rounding out the projections are the PS2 at 2-3 million in sales and all handhelds combined with over 10 million in sales.

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SWORDF1SH4327d ago

you got to have a good inside knowledge to predict hardware sales. this year is gonna be hard to pridict. i think this might be the last strong year for the 360 in NA.

f7ss14327d ago

hmm your probly right but i think that the 360 will have half decent sales in america just because its an american product, but worldwide the ps3 will CLEAN up, im drunk by the way plz dont take bubbles away

Meus Renaissance4327d ago

3-4million for North America in 2008? That's quite low to be honest. They've already done that amount in 2007 I think, they'd be in a better position to improve on that with a cheaper console and better games.

Anyway we'll see.

zambrota4327d ago

Activision says ps3 will sell 3m--4m in 2008 where PS3 has the best lineup with killer apps.

EA projected 6-8m x360s

9.5 --11.5 m ps3s

13.5m wiis

just because EA projected something better for PS3 activision has to refute that with HORRENDOUS PROJECTIONS

this is pathetic. How come someone even expect ps3 to sell less than what it sold in 2007 where ps3 had no killer app except Uncharted

shame on you Activision


Agreed. You can have way more that sales on NA when you have already those "without games", high price, bad news... Specially bad news from american media (witch are now sucking on PS3 guts - vide 1UP/EGM).

4327d ago
ReBurn4327d ago

Did Activision suddenly become relevant without anybody knowing it?

klashawnd4327d ago

Activision was the top games publisher in 2007, overtaking EA due to stellar sales of Guitar Hero and Call of Duty 4. They are also merging with Blizzard who makes World of Warcraft, which will only solidify its place at the top.

klashawnd4327d ago

(In my Michael Pachter voice...)
May be Activision's way of lowering their own expectations for their investors so that when they earn significantly more than they predict, the company will look like they had an above average year... which in turn will raise their stock price and make the company even more attractive as a buyout candidate. Apple does this all the time but investors have caught on. Look for PS3 sales to easily exceed 3 million and for XBOX 360 sales to be slightly better than predicted as well in North America. Both systems will undoubtedly receive another price drop this year and the PS3 will be buoyed further by a strong lineup of quality software and a promising new IP in LittleBigPlanet.

See anyone can sound smart and be an analyst!

zambrota4327d ago

I am projecting 4.5m/5m for ps3 . However if there is another price cut then it will go above 6m in 2008 easily

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The story is too old to be commented.