Grand Theft Auto III Set to Release on PSN

The iconic title that shaped our gaming industry, Grand Theft Auto III, is schedule to release digitally on the Playstation Store.

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Derekvinyard132308d ago

dam this is a missed opportunity, i would gladly pay for an hd remake with trophies

Outside_ofthe_Box2308d ago

but, but, hd remakes are an evil scheme to get you to pay for a game that you already have for your ps2. why would anyone want or support that?/s

decrypt2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

They really are a evil scheme. If you want the game so badly just get the PC version.

You can get the game on PSN, however when you buy the PS4 u will be back to square 1. PS3 PSN games may not work on PS4. If you want to build a library then get it on the PC.

Plus you have tons of graphical mods on the PC too, which makes the game look even better.

Another point to remember, even if you buy the PSN version it probably will be locked at 720p. Few years from now when 4K Tvs are the norm, u will again be stuck with a game thats running at 720p and will look full of jaggies on a 4K tv. With the PC version you can simply increase the res yourself and make the game look good regardless of screen. Hence the PC version really is the best solution and most cost effective one. Funny but i bought GTA 3 on PC when it first released i can play it even today on my current rig, no need to buy the game over and over again.

Hellsvacancy2308d ago

Well, wouldnt that apply to EVERY single game released on the PS3?

Why bother buying any games at all then?

b163o12308d ago

I read that GTA III and Vice City are coming to PSN while SanAndreas is set for the HD remake...

DOMination-2307d ago

I see this a lot on here about how pc is so great because it can upscale old games.

Upscaling gta3 to 4k will if anything make the game look worse. If the graphics are ass to begin with then no amount of post effects will help it.

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Blacktric2308d ago

Agreed but I'm still getting it. It's been years (more than 7 I think) since I've last played GTA 3 and Vice City. I hope they release both Vice City and San Andreas in the near future too.

krisq2308d ago

I would be all over San Andreas!

Perjoss2308d ago

You can get San Andreas on the 360 as a download title.

TrevorPhillips2308d ago

You just took the words out of my mouth brother.

Red_Orange_Juice2308d ago

I have it on PC and PS2, would buy 3rd time for torphies

infamous-butcher2308d ago

I'm in the exact same boat here. there's no incentive to buy it for a third time.

torchic2308d ago

yea echoing what everyone else has said I hope they make a Vice City HD remake with trophies, I'd gladly splash €40 on that

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The story is too old to be commented.