‘The Room’ – Recently Released And Suspensefully Awesome

The Room, Fireproof Games’ debut, was finally released last week on the 19th of September. The 3D puzzle game is now available on iPad 2 and up, and as promised, the music and visuals combine to create an eerie and suspenseful atmosphere. The game’s trailer gives you a great sense of the intense atmospheric component the developers have gone for:

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Jdoki2215d ago

This is a really enjoyable game, and one of my favourites on iPad.

The atmosphere is really good, the graphics are stunning, and the puzzles just challenging enough to avoid frustration. There's little replay value (although I did go through a second time), so your opinion may vary on how much value the £2.99 price provides.

I am very much looking forward to future chapters (as long as they are sensibly priced).