‘Nyrthos’ – A Browser Based Indie RPG Headed For Alpha Testing On October 31st

On January 3rd, BeerDeer Games, a new (sort of) indie company located in the Czech Republic, announced their first game, Nyrthos. Nyrthos is a 2D action RPG that is fully playable within a browser along with both Android and iOS. The game consists of some beautiful 2d art styles and a fantastic storyline. In Nyrthos darkness is overtaking the land and consuming it and you’re there to stop it. A simple storyline really but at the same time I would say is pretty unique for a browser based 2d action RPG. With all of that said, BeerDeer Games has an update for us Nyrthos regarding release dates and pre-orders.

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OneAboveAll2220d ago

Stopped reading at "Browser Based". Doomed to fail.