Naruto Storm 3: Over 72 Playable Characters*

If Saiyan Island has understood the brand new interview correctly from popular Japanese website Famitsu with the president of CyberConnect2, Hiroshi Matsuyama, Naruto Storm 3 will have over 72 playable characters.

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tayz3402d ago

no way Lavalamp-sama! i checked to see if this story was posted and all of a sudden.. 0m ago n4g says STORY POSTED.


oh well. i hope 72 means over 100! hehehehe

Snookies123402d ago

Lol, well there are a LOT of new characters that could be playable which appeared in the Ninja War arc. All the Swordsmen, Ginkaku/Kinkaku, Madara, Kabuto, the previous Kage generations, etc.

Personally though, I wish they'd go with refining the moves, combos, and specials to be all new rather than having a lot of new characters.

tayz3402d ago


and KCM2 Naruto... oh yeahhh! those will be the last 2 characters they will confirm if they are in the game, which i hope they are.

btw i think they are refining things. the awakening from the start, for example.

crxss3402d ago

anything they do to Madara wont be doing him any justice, he's just too strong. just look at how they made Hashirama lol. i mean i HOPE they can make Madara's character amazing and upgrade Hashirama, Minato, and every other OP character that isn't getting the attention they deserve.

Baka-akaB3402d ago

I'd easily settle for less , but finally more choices of jutsus and ougis as seen in their (imo superior) ps2 naruto games .

But hey dont mind me i'm a grumpy old fart .

3402d ago